10 Best Project Management Software For Designers

Have you ever felt overwhelmed managing design projects? Do deadlines come and go faster than you can keep up with? If so, then I have good news for you! You don’t need superhuman powers to manage your projects like a pro; all it takes is the best project management software for designers.

These tools will help you organize tasks, monitor progress, collaborate with teammates more effectively – and do it all in record time! Now, get ready because these solutions are about to turbocharge your workflow.

You’re about to discover how using one of these powerful applications can make everyday tasks more accessible – from creating invoices and tracking payments to scheduling meetings or brainstorming ideas. No matter what type of project manager or designer you are, these programs will provide the perfect boost for sky-high productivity.


What Features Should Designers Look For In Project Management Software?

When it comes to project management software for designers, there are a few key features you should look out for. Task lists, time tracking, file storage, and file sharing are all critical components to help your design projects run smoothly. But what makes the best project management app stand out?

Project management software designed specifically with designers in mind often has additional features that enable more efficient collaboration. For example, an intuitive UI will allow everyone on the team to quickly understand their tasks and progress without constantly asking questions or consulting the docs.

Other features like task delegation capabilities let managers assign tasks directly from within the app while keeping track of who’s working on what at any given time. File sharing is another essential component, as it allows teams to access documents they need to do their work effortlessly.

Considering all available choices before choosing a project management solution for design projects is essential.


The 10 Best Project Management Software For Designers

The right project management software is essential for managing a design team. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud recently partnered with Monday.com to make their creative project management solutions more accessible and powerful for their customers. To help you find the best tools for your projects, here are 10 of the top project management solutions for designers:



What a coincidence it is to find Monday.com as one of the best project management software for designers! As creative teams, project managers, and project planners strive to achieve excellence in team collaboration and task management, this tool comes in handy with its comprehensive feature set. Let’s explore what makes it deserving to be on this list:

remote teams

First, Monday.com allows users to create multiple projects, each with its own boards, columns, timeline view, and custom rules. This helps manage large-scale tasks efficiently and streamline communication between teams.

Secondly, it provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables users to easily assign tasks or move them from one stage to another without hassle. Lastly, its mobile app lets you stay connected with your team wherever you go.

Overall, Monday.com stands out among other project management tools by offering powerful features within a clean user experience – making it perfect for busy design teams who need quick access to analytics data while staying organized through maximum productivity. Its ability to handle complex projects seamlessly makes it an excellent choice for managing all aspects of designing workflows quickly and effectively – no wonder it has become so popular lately!

Paid Plans Starts: $10 per seat/month, Free Version up to 2 seats



Are you looking for project management software that can help your design team stay on track? Look no further than Hive! This powerful and intuitive platform is the perfect tool to keep your workflow in sync. It’s time to make project management easy, efficient, and enjoyable with this top-of-the-line software.

communication tool

Here are two reasons why Hive should be at the top of your list:

  • It offers comprehensive time management capabilities, allows seamless integration into any creative process, and supports all major file formats used in the design process. 
  • Plus, Hive provides real time collaboration features that streamline team communication – allowing them to quickly share progress updates or brainstorm new ideas without leaving the app. This makes staying organized much easier – giving designers more freedom to focus on creating beautiful designs instead of worrying about how they will manage everything.

Pricing: $16 per seat/month, Free Version up to 10 seats



Think of Wrike as a project management tool that’s like the conductor of an orchestra. It seamlessly leads creative professionals through every step of their projects, from start to finish. It’s a task-master for creative project managers, helping them stay on top of tasks and deadlines in real time with collaboration features that make it easy to get everyone working together towards a common goal.

administrative tasks

Wrike has also made it easier for creatives to set up their projects with professionally designed templates they can customize and use immediately.

With its user-friendly interface and simple drag-and-drop functionality, Wrike makes it easy to organize your workflow so you can spend less time managing projects and more time creating excellent work. Plus, you can easily keep track of all the details along the way. And now.

Pricing: $9.80 per seat/month, Free Version up to 1 seat


Asana App

Asana is a powerful collaboration tool for creative workflows, like an engine roaring to life. It offers real time file uploads and tracking of client projects with ease. With Asana, designers can quickly organize their projects and tasks in one place – perfect for managing the chaos of multiple deadlines!

project schedules

Unsurprisingly, Asana has become popular among designers looking to stay on top of their workload. The platform is intuitively designed, so learning to use its features takes little time.

And when you need help or have questions about something specific, plenty of helpful tutorials are available online. You’ll also find many great integrations that make designing easier.

In addition, Asana provides project templates that allow users to replicate successful projects from the past easily. All this makes Asana an excellent choice as the designers’ best project management software.

Pricing: US$ 13.49 billed monthly



When it comes to managing creative projects and custom workflows, Basecamp is a great option. It’s one of the most popular project management system among designers, allowing them to easily manage design requests, share files, and get an overview of their projects. Here are three features that make Basecamp stand out:

project overview

  1. Its intuitive user interface makes collaboration easy – you can quickly assign tasks to team members and comment on each other’s progress without switching between tabs or windows.
  2. You can see who’s working on what with its real time activity stream, so you always know exactly where your project stands at any moment.
  3. All data is stored securely in the cloud-based platform, ensuring all your important files remain safe even if something unexpected happens.

Basecamp ensures every task gets finished on time while keeping track of all communication related to a particular project in one place – no more sifting through emails trying to find the latest file version!

This software makes collaborative workspace easier for designers looking for a reliable way to stay organized and efficient when handling large creative projects with multiple stakeholders involved.

Pricing: US$ 15 billed monthly/User



Regarding project management software for graphic designers, Basecamp may be an obvious choice; however, that doesn’t mean you should overlook Proofhub. Not only is it comprehensive and easy to use, but it also offers creative workflow management in a visual representation. This makes the collaboration process seamless while allowing file storage without fuss.

project progress

Proofhub is designed with the needs of designer teams in mind, as it has everything they need to collaborate on projects and ensure their success. It provides real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing them to keep tabs on who’s doing what and when things are due.

There’s also a task calendar, so everyone knows what tasks have been assigned and which are completed or overdue. Its visually appealing interface allows all team members to organize tasks into a kanban board, lists, and cards, just like Trello. All these features make Proofhub an excellent option for managing small and large teams.

No matter how big or complex your project is, Proofhub can help you complete it effectively while ensuring accuracy at every step—allowing you to provide results that exceed expectations!

Pricing: $50/m billed monthly



Trello is a powerful project management tool, but it’s much more than that. It allows you to quickly and easily build user-friendly to-do lists, track time, and manage an ever-growing range of projects – all in one place! While Proofhub offers many of these features, Trello has become the go-to choice for designers who need an intuitive way to stay organized.

creative project management software

The software supports over 35 million users per month with its wide range of capabilities, such as creating boards and cards, assigning tasks to team members, setting due dates with reminders and notifications, adding file attachments or comments, etc.

Beyond this basic functionality, there are plenty of creative uses for Trello: from managing personal goals to planning weddings. Whether you’re working on a large project or a small task list—or anything in between—Trello ensures your work runs smoothly at every step.

Pricing: $6 per seat/month, Free Version up to 1 seat



The Notion is a powerful design platform offering project management features, making it the perfect tool for designers. Not only does it provide an intuitive workflow, but it also helps streamline communication and collaboration between team members. Here are four reasons why Notion is the ideal choice for studio designers:

marketing teams

1) Free Plan – With its robust feature set, Notion offers excellent value at no cost, which makes it appealing to small-scale studios.

2) Customizable templates – Unlike other platforms, Notion allows you to customize your project template according to your needs with simple drag-and-drop functionality. This means less time spent on manual tasks and more focus on creativity.

3) Collaboration tools – Mydoma Studio integrates seamlessly with Notion, allowing you to collaborate easily with others in real-time. You can assign tasks directly through the app and get instant notifications when changes occur.

4) Automated reminders – Keeping track of all your projects can be tricky without automated reminders. Thankfully, Notion has this handy feature, so you don’t have to remind yourself about deadlines or important meetings again manually!

With its comprehensive features explicitly tailored for studio designers, Notion has quickly become one of the best project management software available today. Everything from customizing templates to automated reminders and collaboration tools is designed to help you reach peak efficiency while staying creative and organized. Plus, since it offers a free trial, there’s no reason not to try it! Moving on to Teamwork.

Pricing: $10 billed monthly/user, Free for Individual



Teamwork is a simple project management software designed to increase collaboration, communication, and productivity. It’s an ideal tool for designers who need to keep track of complex projects with multiple stakeholders and deadlines.

project planning

With Teamwork, you get unlimited projects, seamless communication between different teams, real-time notifications when changes are made, and intuitive task-management features.

It also offers powerful tools like boards and timelines that make visualizing progress on any project easy. And its drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly reorganize tasks as needed without disrupting the workflow or slowing down your team.

Plus, plenty of integrations are available, so you can ensure everything fits together perfectly. All in all, Teamwork makes it easier than ever for design teams to stay connected and organized throughout the entire creative process. 

Pricing: $8.99 billed monthly/user, Free up to 5 users



Jira is like an engine driving the creative process. It’s a powerful project management tool that helps designers stay in control of their projects and build better products faster. With pre-built templates, custom request forms, client portals, and automated workflows for review processes, Jira provides all the necessary tools to complete your projects on time.

design project management software

Designers can easily customize Jira to fit their needs and manage multiple stakeholders while keeping everyone informed throughout the design process. From assigning tasks to tracking progress and collecting feedback from clients or team members quickly and efficiently – project managers have everything they need.

Jira’s intuitive interface makes it easy to monitor each step of the project across teams with customizable dashboards that provide real-time updates on project status.

With Jira, designers are equipped with the ultimate suite of tools for successful project management – allowing them to focus on creating great designs without worrying about admin duties slowing down progress.

Pricing: $77.50 per month/user, Free for up to 10 users


What Does A Designer Do In Project Management?

You know what they say: behind every great designer is a project manager. But have you ever wondered exactly what designers do in project management? There’s a lot, from tracking progress and managing software to getting creatives involved and viewing projects in new ways.

Project tracking is vital for any successful designer’s workflow. Project management software for creatives makes this easier with unique features like flexible project views so that everyone can see how far along things are at any given time – no matter where they are.

With these tools, designers can monitor progress so that everything runs smoothly and smoothly. Plus, having access to real-time information about their work means they can make faster decisions and stay ahead of deadlines – something all creative professionals should strive for!

Through project management software, designers also take advantage of unique features. From being able to collaborate with other creatives to accessing powerful analytics tools, these solutions provide everything needed to manage projects efficiently and effectively.

This includes seeing tasks laid out with timelines and keeping track of task dependencies between team members so that everyone stays focused on ensuring each job runs smoothly. Allowing designers more control over their projects means better overall results, leading to increased client satisfaction!


What Makes The Best Project Management Software For Designers?

Project management software is an essential part of the design process. But what makes the best project management software for designers? From creative project management solutions to powerful platforms, various features, and capabilities can help take design projects from concept to completion.

Here’s a look at four key aspects you should consider when choosing the right project management platform for your design team:

  • First, ensure any project timelines built into the software match your workflow needs. Many programs provide templates that allow teams to quickly set up timelines and outline task assignments – perfect for keeping everyone on track with tasks like concept creation or client presentations. Look for a program that offers customizable options, so it fits in perfectly with how you manage your timeframes.


  • Next, consider collaboration tools in the project management software development package. Designers often need to collaborate on projects simultaneously. Having dedicated tools within their PM system will streamline this process significantly. Choose one with multiple chat channels, file-sharing capabilities, and version control systems – all designed specifically for design teams working together on complex projects.


  • Thirdly, good project management software must be intuitive enough to fit seamlessly into existing processes without getting in the way of creativity. The user interface should also be easy-to-navigate so every team member can access relevant information quickly during each development stage.


  • And finally, make sure it’s flexible enough to scale up or down depending on current workloads and the size of your team – ensuring everyone has access only to what they need while avoiding overcomplicated menus or confusing navigation paths.

These points show why taking time before jumping into a new creative project management solution is vital if you want fast results; investing in effective technology now could save hours later! Understanding these core principles helps ensure you have chosen the best possible option for managing design projects efficiently and effectively going forward.



Designers are an integral part of the project management process. It’s up to them to take a vision and turn it into reality. As such, they need practical tools that can help them streamline their workflow and keep track of everything from deadlines to progress tracking. To ensure they have the best software, designers should look for features like collaboration capabilities, task management, timeline visualization, and more.

Overall, many excellent project management software options are designed specifically with designers in mind. From monday.com to Notion, these tools will give you the power to manage projects while allowing your creativity to shine effortlessly. Think of project management as a bridge between what was once thought impossible and now achievable – remember that high-quality project management software is essential to complete any design job or creative endeavor.

Like a good chef who has mastered seasoning food for maximum flavor, a designer must master the art of managing projects to ensure success. With the right project management software in hand, designers can confidently tackle any challenge that comes their way – making big ideas come alive!

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