12 Best Project Management Software For Small Teams

It’s a challenge to keep your small team on track and organized. With so many moving parts, staying focused and ensuring everyone works together towards the same goal can be challenging. It often feels like you’re trying to corral cats into one place – an impossible task! But with the best project management software for small teams, you can ensure all your complex projects run smoothly and efficiently, creating order from chaos.

Think of this software as your secret weapon in mastering complex tasks while maintaining high productivity levels.

Project management software has come a long way over the years. The best programs offer up-to-date tools for managing teams, tracking progress, scheduling tasks, monitoring resources, and more.

No matter what type of work you do or how big (or small) your team is, there’s something out there that will help maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Ready to find the perfect toolbox? Look at 12 of the best project management software solutions for small teams.


Top 8 Best PM Tools For Small Businesses

It’s a coincidence – you’re looking for the best project management software for small businesses, and here we are with the top 8. If you’re running a small business, you know how important it is to have an efficient project management tool. With unlimited users, task lists, time tracking, and collaboration features all included in the same package, choosing from among these 5 tools can be overwhelming!

But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. We’ll break down each business project management software option so you can make an informed decision quickly.

From real-time updates to team communication tools, there’s something in this list for every type of organization. Plus, many come with excellent customer service for extra peace of mind. So let’s dive right into our top 12 picks!



Are you looking for a project management tool to help small teams succeed? If so, monday.com might be the perfect fit. This comprehensive task list and collaboration platform offer various features that simplify your team’s business plan.

It starts with a free trial version that lets you see if it’s right for your team before committing financially. Then, with just one click, you can upgrade to the full paid version without losing any data or time.


Plus, its simple interface makes it easy for everyone on the team to get up and running quickly – no matter their skill level!

You’ll love how monday.com keeps all members in sync when tackling tasks together. It also provides powerful analytics tools so your team can stay on top of progress quickly and efficiently.

And best of all, there’s even a “free forever” option available for smaller projects with fewer people involved. With this kind of flexibility, it’s no wonder why monday.com is one of the most popular choices among small businesses today! Moving on, asana.



Suppose you’re looking for a practical task and project management solution for your  team. In that case, Asana is a great option to consider. It’s one of the best solutions out there when it comes to helping teams stay organized, on track with their goals, and productive.


Asana offers powerful features ideal for any size team but particularly well-suited for smaller groups. For example, its user-friendly interface lets each team member easily manage tasks. The ability to assign tasks directly to individual members ensures everyone knows what they need to focus on at all times.

Plus, if your team has multiple projects going simultaneously, Asana can help keep them all in order without getting lost in the shuffle.

Even better? You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank as Asana provides cost-effective solutions tailored specifically for teams – ensuring everyone stays within budget while also receiving top-notch service!

With its comprehensive tools and resources available at your fingertips, Asana is an excellent choice for seamlessly managing day-to-day operations and long-term objectives and transitioning into Trello now.



Can you believe it? The perfect team project management software is here – we’re talking about Trello! And not only that, but it comes with a host of security features and benefits that make this the ideal tool to get your team up and running. Here’s why:


  • It has everything you need: With Trello, you have unlimited boards, task comments, file attachments, and more in one place – all tailored for teams.
  • It’s easy to use: From setting up tasks to managing progress reports, Trello’s intuitive design lets everyone on the team quickly adapt to its workflow so they can start getting things done immediately.
  • Collaboration made simple: Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, communication between teammates is simplified so ideas can move from concept to completion faster than ever before.

Trello makes staying organized and on track easier than ever – no matter how many projects or tasks are involved.

Plus, the setup takes minutes, so teams can hit the ground running without delay. Whether tracking workflows or assigning functions across multiple departments – Trello gives everyone the functionality they need to stay productive while working together as a united front.



Wrike is a project management tool designed for teams. It allows project managers to plan, manage and execute tasks with ease. With its intuitive interface, Wrike makes it easy to track task dependencies and monitor team progress in real-time.


In addition to the basics of project management, Wrike offers some additional features that make it one of the best tools available for teams. These include team collaboration, discussion boards, and activity streams that help streamline communication between members of your team. You can even use Wrike’s automation feature to simplify workflows and minimize errors.

TIP: Take advantage of Wrike’s integration capabilities for maximum efficiency by combining it with other popular tools such as Slack or Google Drive. This way, you’ll be able to keep everyone on the same page while collaborating on projects – no matter where they are!

With these advanced features at your disposal, managing projects with Wrike will become much smoother and more accurate.



Are you looking for the best project management software for teams? If yes, then nTask is an excellent option. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows your small group to manage tasks and projects efficiently.

What makes nTask stand out from other project management tools? The answer lies in its powerful features like task hierarchy, time-tracking options, calendar view, and much more!


With these basic features, your team can stay organized and get work done faster. Plus, it offers advanced analytics to monitor progress and measure results over time. It also has a comprehensive dashboard where all users can view their tasks and activities at once – making collaboration easier and streamlining workflow processes.

And suppose you need help getting started or have questions about how to use it effectively. In that case, there’s always helpful customer service available 24/7. So if you’re looking for the perfect tool to help your team succeed, give nTask a try today!



Putting Airtable on the table is an ideal way to manage teams. It’s a versatile and powerful software that packs a punch with its features, making it one of the top contenders when considering project management tools for agile teams.

It allows users to create and share files easily. It provides access to streamlined file-sharing capabilities, creating an efficient user experience. Plus, compared to other options like Zoho Projects or TeamGantt, Airtable offers better value for money in terms of pricing plans – and you get what you pay for!


Airtable is great for setting up boards and dashboards within projects. This makes tracking tasks across multiple teams easy as pie – no more manual work needed!

You can customize your views according to how you want them displayed; this means everyone involved can see progress at any given time without searching through endless documents.

Airtable is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that ticks all the boxes when managing small teams efficiently.



TeamGantt is a popular project management software for small teams, and it’s growing in popularity. Over 3 million users have used TeamGantt to help manage their projects. It enables teams of any size to track progress on tasks using its easy-to-understand Gantt chart feature.


TeamGantt includes powerful features that keep you organized while working with your team. You can assign tasks to individuals or groups, set task deadlines, add notes and comments to each task, and even upload files from different sources like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Plus, TeamGantt offers a free plan for up to five users, so you can get started without spending a dime!

With the right project management software at your fingertips, small teams can collaborate more effectively –and that’s precisely what TeamGantt helps you do.

With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, TeamGantt makes managing projects straightforward—no matter how complex. So if you’re looking for an effective solution for your small team’s project management needs, give TeamGantt a try today! 



Jira is like a master craftsman guiding his team through a complex project. From the resource guru to the user per month billed, Jira works management combines all your ideas into one intuitive platform. It’s like having an extra pair of hands on deck to help you create something unique:

project progress

  • User experience: With its easy-to-use interface and enhanced search capabilities, Jira software makes it simple for anyone to quickly find what they need and decide how best to move forward with their projects.
  • Task management: Whether you’re in charge of managing tasks or delegating them, Jira work management has built-in features that allow you to track progress and assign responsibilities accordingly. This helps keep everyone organized and on the same page throughout the process.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Keep tabs on every aspect of your projects with comprehensive reporting tools that let you know where things stand at any given moment. These insights help give everyone involved a better understanding of what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. Hence, everything runs smoothly along the way.

Jira is explicitly designed for small teams looking for a powerful yet affordable solution for managing their projects from start to finish. Its intuitive design allows users to easily navigate without feeling overwhelmed by complicated menus or options, making it perfect for those just starting in project management and experienced professionals who want more control over managing their workloads.

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with other popular mobile apps, such as Dropbox and Google Drive so that data can be easily shared across multiple platforms. By combining these features, Jira provides an ideal solution for any team looking to get ahead in today’s digital world.

The power of Jira lies not only in its ability to streamline processes but also in its affordability – allowing even tight budgets access to top-tier project management software, which delivers results time after time.

For teams seeking an efficient way to organize their workflow while staying within budget constraints, Jira is worth considering as part of their overall strategy.



If you’re looking for the cream of the crop in project management software for small teams, look no further than Clickup. It’s like a magic wand that can help streamline your processes and take productivity to new heights. To put it another way, Clickup is the perfect toolbox for business owners who want to get more out of their workflows without breaking the bank.

individual tasks

ClickUp offers free and paid versions, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money immediately. Its intuitive design makes it easy for even novice users to use all its features easily. Plus, tons of integrations are available, such as Slack, Google Drive, Zendesk, etc., which allows you to combine different tools into one unified dashboard.

TIP: If you’re starting, try using Clickup’s free version before going for their paid plans to see if it meets your team’s needs!



If you are looking for the perfect project management software for small teams, look no further than Kintone. Think of it as your one-stop shop for becoming a master of managing projects like a pro.

Kanban boards are where it’s at, and Kintone is no exception. It comes with an easy-to-use kanban board that’ll make even the most novice team member feel at home.

Track time

Plus, there’s a free plan available so everyone can get started without breaking the bank. For those wanting more features, though, they offer paid plans too – but don’t worry about that yet; if you start with the free version, you won’t have little of a learning curve in getting used to Kintone.

It’s clear: when it comes to finding something suitable for small teams, Kintone has just what you need – and more! Time to hit up Paymo now.



Paymo is a project management app like a Swiss Army knife for small teams. Its versatile design allows users to keep up with the ever-evolving dynamics of current projects, making it an invaluable tool when tackling complex tasks. It’s no wonder, then, why Paymo has become such an integral part of many teams’ workflow.

plan projects

The subscription cost starts at $4.95 per user per month. It includes unlimited projects and access to critical features in the Pro version, including Gantt charts and task dependencies. And its integrations provide you with even more powerful tools — from time tracking to invoices — so your team can use the most popular project management methodologies while staying organized and productive.

Here are some of the standout features of Paymo: 

  • Project Management Apps – Keep track of all your tasks and visualize progress on any project.
  • User Per Month – Get started quickly by paying just $4.95 /user/month (or less if paid annually).
  • Unlimited Projects – There’s no limit on how many projects you can manage with this software.
  • Project Management Methodologies – Utilize Agile, Waterfall, or Kanban approaches for every job requirement.
  • Key Features – Take advantage of tools such as Gantt charts, resource management, task dependencies & much more!

By removing the need for complicated spreadsheets and multiple applications, Paymo helps teams stay focused on their work without worrying about mundane details getting in their way.

So if you’re looking for effective yet affordable project management software for small teams, look no further than Paymo! Its intuitive interface and wide range of features provide everything needed to take control of any project efficiently and effectively.



Are you looking for a project management software solution but don’t need to know if it’ll suit smaller teams? The Height platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly way to manage projects of all sizes, so there’s no need to worry.

Height can help small customer service teams stay organized while they work on complex tasks. It also offers powerful project planning capabilities that enable a number of users to create custom fields, assign tasks, and track progress timelines. Plus, with Google sheets integration, users can easily keep tabs on their project budget.

collaboration tools

On top of this, Height has the best customer support around! Their team is always available to answer any questions and offer advice about ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish. And because the system is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere at any time – perfect for remote working or keeping up with deadlines when traveling.

Height makes project management simple and stress-free, even for those new to the process; anyone can get started quickly without much training. With its comprehensive suite of features designed specifically for small teams, Height is undoubtedly one of the best tools.


What Makes The Best PM Software For Small Businesses?

Every small business is unique and has different needs regarding project management. According to the Project Management Institute, approximately $1 trillion is wasted annually due to poor project performance. That’s why a reliable project management tool is essential for your team.

Agile methodology, collaboration, and task lists are essential elements of an effective free project management software solution for small businesses. A good project management tool should provide features such as Gantt charts and Kanban boards to help teams stay organized while they work together on project templates.

It should also enable real-time tracking and reporting capabilities so that you can see progress anytime. Additionally, you’ll want a platform with built-in tools for communication, file sharing, and task prioritization – like assigning tasks via a “to-do list” or checklists.

Project management software is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses because it offers streamlined processes that can save valuable resources in terms of both time and money over manual methods.

With a suitable suite of tools, even smaller teams can create clear plans and execute them efficiently without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Let’s look at some of the top options available today so you can choose one that best meets your team’s specific needs.



Project management software can be a game changer for small business owners. It’s the best way to manage projects, track progress, and collaborate with teammates. With the right tool, you’ll have everything you need in one place so your team can get more done faster.

These 8 project management tools are some of the best options for small businesses. Whether you’re looking for something simple like Trello or an all-in-one solution like monday.com, each platform offers unique features that will help streamline processes and improve productivity. Plus, they’re cost-effective too!

It takes time to find the perfect fit, but it’s worth investing that effort upfront if it means setting yourself up for success. I hope this article has enabled you to make an informed decision about which project management software best suits your needs — because no matter what size business you run, having the best project management software for small teams makes all the difference.

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