41 Best Project Management Tools Used By Project Managers

If you’re a project manager looking for the best tools to help you manage your projects, look no further. According to recent data, 64% of project managers use project management software or an app to stay organized and on top of their workloads. Knowing which is right for you can be challenging with so many options. We’ve compiled this list of the 41 tools used by project managers.

These tools have been specially designed to make large-scale managing projects more accessible than ever before. Whether you need something simple like task tracking or more complex such as resource allocation, these robust solutions have all the features and capabilities required to get your job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll discuss each tool in depth, highlighting its key benefits and how it can help take your projects from beginning to end without any hitches.

Finally, we’ll provide tips on choosing the right tool for your particular needs so that you can ensure success with every undertaking. So if you’re ready to revolutionize your workflow and increase productivity levels at work, read on!

Top Project Management Tools in 2023



Asana is like a hawk soaring high above the rest of the project tools, viewed by many as one of the best online project management software options. It’s no surprise that this powerful tool has been embraced by countless managers looking to get the most out of their workflows. Here are four reasons why Asana deserves your attention:

top project management tools


1) User-Friendly Interface – Asana offers an intuitive dashboard and easy-to-read lists to access your projects in one place quickly. You won’t have to waste time hunting for what you need; it’ll be right at your fingertips!

2) Advanced Collaboration Features – With comments, tags, and sub-tasks, Asana seamlessly collaborates with team members. Whether assigning tasks or updating each other on progress, everyone will be easily kept in the loop.

3) Automated Reports – Need to generate reports without spending hours manually collecting data? With automated reporting capabilities from Asana, you can easily pull any information needed with just a few clicks—no more tedious manual labor required!

4) Visualization Tools – Asana also provides several visualization tools so that you can better visualize how your projects are progressing over time. This helps ensure that every aspect of your processes remains visible and accountable.

Pricing: $10.99 Premium Plan



Trello is a popular online project management tool that has taken the world of project management. It’s one of those solutions that can help you take control of your projects and tie up loose ends in no time flat. Trello makes project organization more effortless than ever for managers.

tools used by project managers

Trello allows users to easily create boards with tasks sorted into different lists on each board – perfect for agile project management. This means teams can keep track of every aspect of their projects, from assigning tasks to team members to managing deadlines.

It even features drag-and-drop cards and checklists so everyone can always stay on their project task list!

The great thing about Trello is it’s user-friendly; anyone who knows how to use web apps can get started quickly without any hassle or confusion. This may be one of the best tools out there for collaborative online project management.

Pricing: Starting from $5 per Month/user.



Basecamp is a powerful project management tool that countless managers have used to boost productivity and streamline operations. Basecamp offers numerous features that make it stand out for those looking for online project management software.

digital asset management

This comprehensive platform can help business owners manage plans, communications, task organization, and workflow in one place. Here’s what makes Basecamp great:

  • Firstly, Basecamp has robust participation tools, enabling users to communicate easily with team members while working on various aspects of the exact project deliverables.
  • Secondly, its user-friendly interface lets people quickly dive into tasks without learning how to use the program first.
  • Thirdly, users can track progress at every step, so they know exactly where each part of the process stands at any given time.
  • Finally, it integrates seamlessly with other popular programs like Zoho Projects or Slack, allowing teams to work together even more efficiently.

Basecamp is ideal for large and small businesses as it helps them organize processes better and collaborate effectively regardless of size or industry.

Pricing:  Pro plan $15/month/per user



Wrike stands out as a beacon of hope for managers regarding project tools. With its comprehensive suite of features and unrivaled organizational capabilities, this tool can help make any project run smoothly:

Effortless task delegation -Real-time collaboration between teams -Powerful analytics that provide insight into the progress.

complete the project

Wrike is the go-to choice among many managers looking for an efficient way to manage plans. This powerful yet easy-to-use software allows users to track tasks, collaborate with team members in real-time, assign tasks to specific individuals or groups, and monitor overall progress.

In addition, its intuitive dashboard provides clear visibility over each step of the process so you can quickly see how much has been done and what needs further attention. Plus, it offers detailed reporting and robust analytics so you can identify areas where improvements need to be made quickly.

Pricing: $9.80/month per user for the Professional Plan (billed annually).


Zoho Projects

Are you looking for a powerful project management tool to take your projects to the next level? Zoho Projects might be just what you’re after. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular project management software solutions amongst managers, and it’s not hard to see why.

marketing project management

This comprehensive platform offers plenty of features that make managing any project easy. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Full customization options so you can tailor different parts of your workflow according to your needs;
  2. A visually appealing dashboard with real-time updates on task statuses, enabling efficient tracking and planning;
  3. Integration capabilities with other third-party tools such as Slack or GitHub.

In short, Zoho Projects is an excellent choice for teams who need a reliable solution for their software development projects. Its intuitive UI makes it simple to set up tasks and track progress over time in real-time – great for speeding up completion times without compromising on quality output.

Plus, its pricing plans are affordable, making this project management tool accessible even to those on tight budgets.

Zoho Projects is quickly gaining traction among managers due to its slick design and many useful features. If you have yet to try it, now may be a perfect time!

Pricing:$25/month for up to 20 projects


Microsoft Project

If you’re a manager, you know the importance of having the right tools to manage plans. Microsoft Project is one of the most popular project tools that help you keep track of your project schedule and stay organized when working on different projects.

create a project

This project management tool, that’s been around since 1984, offers an array of features that allow you to set up tasks, assign them to team members, add files for reference, monitor progress, and more. Its easy-to-use interface makes managing projects much more superficial than traditional spreadsheets or post-its.

MP can help managers become more efficient in their day-to-day operations when used correctly by providing detailed insights into each task and milestone. With its robust reporting capabilities and ability to quickly visualize data points from different sources, this software will easily let any PM take control of their Project.



Teamwork is an industry-leading project management app offering resource and workflow features. It helps managers track projects, assign tasks to team members, and measure performance in one location—allowing for better team collaboration.

planning and scheduling

If you’re looking for the best tools to help manage your work, here’s why Teamwork stands out from the competition:

  • Resource Management: With Teamwork’s task assignments feature, it’s easy to pinpoint which resources are available for any job. You can also set working hours per day or week, so everyone knows who’s taking on what workload at any time.
  • Workflow Management: This software ensures each process step stays organized with automated reminders, alertings, and detailed progress reports. Plus, its drag-and-drop interface lets users quickly move cards around between columns as they need without breaking their stride.
  • Track Project Progress: The unique schedule view lets you get a bird’s eye view of all active projects while easily tracking the current status and setting future deadlines. Additionally, real-time updates ensure everyone has access to the most up-to-date information regarding progress throughout any given project.
  • Management Features: From Kanban boards and Gantt charts to file-sharing capabilities, Teamwork gives its users everything they need to stay ahead of the game when managing multi projects simultaneously. What’s more—it syncs with third-party apps like Slack and Dropbox, so you never miss an important update again!
  • Project Management App: Last but not least, Teamwork keeps things simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for experienced pros by providing intuitive dashboards that show precisely where progress stands at any point during a project’s lifecycle.

As such, if you want top-notch project tools that provide comprehensive resource/ workflow management features plus effortless tracking abilities, then Teamwork should be your go-to choice every time!

All pricing is subject to a free 30-day trial period. Every subscriber can access the Pro plan for only $9 per month.



Do you need a project management tool to help you stay agile and manage your job efficiently? Clarizen is one of the best project tools available to managers.

advanced task management

It provides integrated workflows, collaboration, reporting, and analytics to ensure that all your project needs are met. Here’s what makes Clarizen stand out:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Clarizen allows teams to automate their workflow processes so they can focus on important tasks instead. This feature eliminates manual steps to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Collaboration Tools: Clarizen offers teamwork participation tools that make it easier for team members to communicate with each other and share information quickly. With these tools, managers can easily monitor progress and keep track of changes made to documents or tasks.
  • Analytics Dashboard: The dashboard gives users an overview of the entire Project by providing real-time data about its status, budget, resources used, schedule, etc., allowing them to identify potential issues before they become significant problems.

So if you’re looking for a reliable way to manage your job, look no further than Clarizen!

Pricing: From $60 user/month



Did you know that 92% of companies using project tools report a boost in productivity? Redbooth is one of the best project management tools, allowing users to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively.

It’s an ideal tool for those who need to get organized with team tasks, track time spent on projects, assign roles and responsibilities, and draw up plans and budgets, all while capturing daily progress.

cloud-based project management

Redbooth makes it easy to plan projects from start to finish. As well as helping teams collaborate across multiple locations with its real-time messaging feature and free video conferencing capabilities, it also offers features like timesheet entry, task dependencies, reminders, and alerting.

Plus, managers can use Gantt charts to monitor project schedules or utilize the Kanban board view to visualize workflow processes.

It’s no wonder why so many people are turning to Redbooth when looking for top project tools. This platform allows anyone from entrepreneurs to corporate executives to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with their projects at any given moment.

Pricing: From $5 user/month



With over 75 million users, Smartsheet is one of the best project tools managers use. This online project management platform allows teams to collaborate and work on projects effortlessly.

Built-in features like Gantt charts, task automation, and real-time updates make this tool a powerful choice for modern-day organizations looking to streamline their processes.

free project management

Smartsheet allows managers to customize control desk, create reports automatically, and keep everyone in sync through automated reminders. The ability to quickly access documents stored within the system keeps everyone aligned while working remotely or from different locations.

Additionally, its reporting capabilities allow team members to track progress against goals without manually pulling data from multiple sources whenever they need an update.

Pricing for an individual plan begins at $14 per month, and for a business plan, it rises to $25 per month per user on an annual subscription.



managers have plenty of tools, but selecting the best one to manage the day-to-day tasks can be daunting. Monday.com is an excellent option for those seeking the best project management software solutions.

Not only does this cutting-edge platform provide numerous features and benefits, but it also delivers precise results that will help you succeed.

project scheduling and project

When searching for top-tier project management solutions, monday.com stands out as a leader among its peers with its user-friendly interface and powerful performance capabilities:

  • Customizable Views – Create views tailored to your specific needs so you can access what’s most important quickly and easily.
  • Integrations – Integrate your favorite apps, such as Google Drive or Slack, into monday.com without switching between multiple platforms or accounts.
  • Gantt Charts – Visualize project progress by creating Gantt charts so you always know where you are in terms of schedule, budget, and more.
  • Automation & Workflows – Automate processes like task assignments or status updates using rules and triggers so manual labor isn’t needed every time something changes on your project boards.
  • Real-Time Collaboration – Share files instantly across teams while facilitating conversations through comments threads in real time communication from the platform.

These features combine to form an unbeatable combination of productivity enhancements that no other project management tool can match!

Monday.com provides a free trial for new users. The monthly cost of the Basic plan is $25 when paid for the whole year at once.



Scoro is a project management software that offers an all-in-one solution for teams and businesses. It’s designed to help managers maximize efficiency, productivity, and performance.

With Scoro, you can create detailed Gantt charts to track the progress of your projects, manage tasks efficiently with task and Kanban boards, and keep tabs on resources across multi projects or departments.

free project

The interface of this tool makes it easy to use – it has an intuitive design that helps users quickly set up their work progress without any technical know-how. The dashboard lets users get an overview of everything in one place – from upcoming deadlines, tasks assigned by priority, invoices sent out, and more! Its advanced reporting features allow you to easily customize reports to measure team performance over time.

To get started with the premium package, it will cost you $33 a month per user.



Workzone is like a magical spell for project management, casting its mesmerizing qualities over an entire team. It’s no wonder it has become one of the most widely used tools in the industry! With kanban boards, real time collaboration, and work management capabilities, Workzone elevates projects to their highest level.

custom integrations

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes Workzone so powerful:

  • Kanban Board: Manage tasks quickly by tracking progress through customizable columns and visual cues on Workzone’s intuitive dashboard.
  • Team Collaboration: Stay connected with your team whenever you need to without ever leaving the app or having to resort to emails. You can assign tasks, leave comments and attach files all within minutes.
  • Work Management: Keep track of important deadlines and easily see how much time each task will require using the built-in timeline view. This helps keep everyone organized and motivated while working together towards a common goal.

With all these unique features under one roof, it’s easy to see why Workzone stands out from the rest of the pack regarding project management tools.

Pricing: Starting at $200/month.



Are you looking for the perfect project management tool? Filestage may be precisely what you need! This powerful resource allocation software makes collaborating with your team more manageable and ensures every task is completed on time.

Let’s explore all the ways that Filestage can help make sure your next project runs smoothly.

Flexible project views

Filestage offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline team communication. With an easy-to-use interface, users have access to organized tasks, assignable tasks, comment threads, and more – making it simple to keep everyone in sync.

In addition, users can connect their existing cloud storage accounts, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to easily upload files directly into the system.

Furthermore, one of the most compelling benefits of using Filestage is its ability to track project progress from start to finish. By creating custom reports based on user activity and performance metrics, managers can quickly identify potential issues before they become serious problems.

You’ll also find helpful tools like Gantt charts which allow for better visualization of timeline tracks. And with Zoho Projects integration, resources are allocated intelligently across projects.

Pricing: Starting at 89 € per month



Do you need project management software that allows your team to collaborate and communicate easily? Proprofs could be the solution for you. It’s one of the best project management tools managers use today.

With Proprofs, you can easily plan every step in your software development process. You’ll have access to features like task assignments, due dates, critical path analysis, and more.

technical teams

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with other popular applications such as Slack and Dropbox. Hence, you always get all critical updates from your team. It also gives users real time insights into their projects via dashboards and reports on progress, resources used, and performance metrics – designed to keep teams organized and productive.

Pricing : Basic – $2/user/month + Premium – $4/user/month



As the saying goes, “time is of the essence,” and managers must have a firm handle on their projects if they want to make sure things are running smoothly. Hubspot has become one of the best management tools for those needing to track their progress promptly. It offers powerful features that allow users to keep up with deadlines while staying organized easily.

Standout Features & Integrations

Hubspot’s software allows managers to streamline communication between team members. Hence, everyone understands what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.


This makes it easier for them to manage tasks efficiently and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, its intuitive UI lets managers quickly view timelines and task statuses at a glance, making it easy for them to avoid any potential issues before they arise.

In addition, its analysis capabilities provide detailed insights into how teams are progressing towards their goals – including individual performance metrics – giving you an accurate picture of your overall progress and areas where improvement might be needed.

With packages starting at $45 per month, you can get the free plan without any commitment.



Ganttpro is the golden key to unlocking Project planning success. Like a ray of sunshine breaking through stormy skies, this Microsoft Project alternative has brought clarity and confidence to countless managers aiming for peak performance.

client projects

From its intuitive Gantt charts and features like task dependencies to automated notifications and reports that can be sent directly to stakeholders – all within one neat package – it’s no wonder why Ganttpro is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for anyone who needs an easy way to manage their projects in real time.

With Ganttpro, managers get complete control over their plans; they can easily adjust tasks, track progress via advanced analysis, and keep everyone on the same page without extra effort.

Pricing: Monthly pricing for a team plan begins at $7.90 per member (billed annually)



If you’re looking for a powerful and intuitive project management tool, nTask is an excellent choice. This cloud-based software is designed to accommodate teams to manage their projects quickly and efficiently in real time.

It’s the perfect solution for any manager who wants to create tasks quickly, assign them to a team, collaborate on projects, and keep track of progress.

central platform

nTask comes loaded with features that make it one of the best project management tools available today. The task dashboard allows users to divide difficult projects into smaller tasks to be tracked more easily.

They can also set deadlines for each task and get notifications when changes are made. Plus, users can access advanced analysis that provides insights into how well a project progresses over time.

What sets nTask apart from similar tools is its ability to integrate seamlessly with platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox, allowing users to share files and updates in real time without switching between multiple applications.

Pricing: The free plan offers unlimited projects and 100 megabytes of storage space, while the pro plan costs $2.99 per month and provides infinite resources for all your projects.



Who said managers need complex tools to manage their projects? Not Chanty, the simple yet intelligent task-management tool, was making waves in the industry. It seems like a contradiction: how can something so easy help manage complicated projects? Let’s take a look at this revolutionary tool and find out!

Chanty has an intuitive UI that allows users to create task lists quickly and easily without getting overwhelmed by options or features they don’t need.

communication tool

In addition, its collaborative nature makes it possible for all team to be on the same page when working together – perfect for when everyone needs real time input.

Plus, with advanced reporting capabilities built into the platform, you can stay up-to-date on the progress of your projects no matter where you are located.

So why wait? Get started with Chanty today and begin taking control of your excessive load!

Pricing: Free plan allows for up to 10 users, while the business plan costs $3 per user per month.



Are you in search of the perfect project management tool for your team? Celoxis is a powerful and comprehensive PM tool that helps teams manage their projects more effectively. Its intuitive interface, deep customization options, and extensive features make it one of the top management tools today.

collaboration features

Celoxis combines traditional project management methods with agile work progress so users can adapt to ever-changing environments quickly and easily. It also offers various features like resource scheduling, time tracking, reporting & analysis, risk & issue management, budgeting & cost control capabilities — all bundled into one platform.

Plus, it’s available on both desktop and mobile devices, so you can stay connected even when you’re away from your desk.

There is a free trial option with unlimited task access to explore what Celoxis offers without any commitment or risk for those looking to try out this fantastic pm tool before investing in it entirely.

The free trial version includes all the great features mentioned above and complete customer support should you need help mastering project management!

Pricing: $25/month / SaaS and $450/user / On-Premise.



Teamgantt is an online project management tool designed to help small teams work collaboratively on complicated projects. It’s also one of the best project management tools experienced managers use.

additional features

What makes Teamgantt stand out? Well, here are four reasons why it’s an excellent fit for any manager:

  • Unlimited users: Manage your entire team regardless of size;
  • Easy task creation and collaboration: Create tasks easily, assign them to individuals or groups, then track progress in real time.
  • Gantt charts: Get insight into how your projects are progressing at a glance with customizable Gantt Charts;
  • Automated reports: Generate comprehensive reports about resource challenges and deadlines quickly, accurately, and without manual effort.

In short, Teamgantt is an effective solution for all simple projects due to its user-friendly interface, unlimited user capacity, and automated reporting capabilities.

Plus, it’s designed specifically for small teams, so you can rest assured knowing everyone can access the correct information when needed.

Pricing: Monthly pricing for the basic plan begins at $7.90 per user (when billed annually)



We all know that project management is a daunting task, but luckily there’s a solution: Pro workflow. Imagine if you could complete complex projects with one simple tool – well, now you can! This cutting-edge PM software makes managing teams and individual tasks in minutes easy.

client portals

Proworkflow takes the hassle out of project management by allowing users to easily assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate on projects with an intuitive interface.

The drag-and-drop feature allows for quick reorganization and rescheduling of functions with ease. Additionally, its real time reporting capabilities give managers valuable insights into their team’s performance.

Pricing: Starts From $22 per month/user for team



If you’re a freelancer looking for the perfect tool to manage your projects, marveling at Mavenlink is an absolute must! Boasting features such as custom fields and a free plan, this tool offers unparalleled convenience in handling complex tasks.

friendly interface

What makes it stand out from its competitors? It starts with their intuitive mobile app that allows users to access their account on the go – which many other tools need to be improved. Its user-friendly interface also means that even those who are less tech-savvy can easily navigate around the application without any issues.

With robust reporting functionalities, it’s no surprise that Mavenlink has become one of the most popular project management tools PMs use today.

Pricing: Pro plan starts at $39/month/user



Finding the best project management tool for your team is like a puzzle. With many options, picking just one that fits your needs can take time and effort. But Insightly is up there with some of the greatest – and here’s why.

Insightly provides an excellent range of features that make project management more effortless. It offers a powerful task manager that helps keep everyone organized and on track. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to get up and running with minimal training quickly.

unlimited tasks

Plus, its integration with popular applications such as Salesforce and Office 365 gives users even more flexibility when managing projects.

The software also includes helpful reporting tools to track how well things are progressing. And suppose you need help getting started or want additional support. In that case, Insightly has a knowledgeable customer service team available 24/7 to walk you through any issues. That alone sets them apart from other project management solutions today.

Pricing: starts at $15 per team member per month.



The irony of considering Comindware as one of the best project management tools used by managers is that it was designed for business owners and executives. It’s not necessarily a tool you’d expect to find in the arsenal of knowledgeable, successful managers. But yet, this powerful platform has become one of their go-to solutions to help them get projects done quickly and efficiently.

robust features

What sets Comindware apart from other project management applications? For starters, its user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use – no matter how complex your Project may be. This makes it simple for team to collaborate on tasks without confusion or delays. Its customizable dashboards allow users to track progress and stay organized with To Do lists easily.

Pricing: Starts at $29.99 per user


Easy Project

Easy Project is an essential tool you should consider if you’re a manager. This powerful PM software provides all the features and functionalities required to manage plans of any size or complexity.

Organize your team’s tasks with easy-to-use Gantt charts, track progress in real time, and gain visibility over resource utilization across multiple projects while meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

powerful features

Easy Project allows users to plan, monitor, schedule, and report their work efficiently. It also offers advanced collaboration capabilities such as resource management, issue tracking, automated notifications & more. Its user interface is intuitive but still fully customizable for specific needs.

So whether you’re managing a large corporate project or need an efficient way to keep small teams organized – Easy Project can help take your productivity to the next level.

Prices for the premium plan start at $21 per month per user (60 portfolios, & 100 custom fields).



managers have been searching for the holy grail of project tools – one that can streamline task management and collaboration without sacrificing user experience.

Crocagile is a perfect storm for online project management software: it’s intuitive, easy to use, collaborative, and packed with features.

critical path method

Think of Crocagile as an online ‘whiteboard,’ allowing you to get tasks done in an organized manner quickly. It helps teams break down complex projects into manageable pieces, assign tasks to members, set due dates, and track progress using visual boards.

Furthermore, its powerful Kanban view makes it easier to prioritize tasks while gaining insights into how your work progress is progressing.

The monthly price for one user starts at $2.50 after a free trial period of 30 days.



We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Time is money.’ But when it comes to Project management, Producteev can help you save both! This platform is one of the best project tools for busy managers. Here’s a quick rundown on why:

First off, Producteev has an excellent feature set that makes managing projects and tasks super-easy. It’s got everything from dedicated task list management to teamwork tools and notifications – they’ve thought of everything!

team communication

And what’s more, its user interface is clean and intuitive – so you won’t be wasting your precious time trying to figure things out.

Producteev works excellent in teams too. You can easily assign tasks or share files with other users in your group via their secure cloud storage service.

Plus, if you need any support, they offer 24/7 customer care over email or phone – no matter what time of day (or night!) your team needs help getting back up and running again, you know where to find them.

There is a $99 monthly fee for the Premium package.



Teamdeck is like a power tool for project teams. It’s packed with features to help you control projects efficiently and effectively. From custom fields to collaboration tools, Teamdeck has everything needed to take control of any project.

Tracking time spent on tasks and organizing data into easy-to-view reports keeps your projects running smoothly while helping you make the most of every minute.

calendar views

Plus, its user interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing even novice users to pick up how things work quickly.

And as a bonus, its unique dashboard system provides complete visibility over all aspects of your projects so you can monitor progress at a glance.

So if you want reliable performance from your project tool without sacrificing usability or access to critical information, Teamdeck is worth considering.

The initial pricing tier is zero dollars for up to six employees. Monthly pricing for the business plan begins at $3.99 per employee and $1 for each core resource.



Like a Swiss army knife, Freedcamp is a multipurpose tool for project management. It has unlimited projects and tasks that can help a team stay organized and on track with its goals. With features like project templates, task links, calendar view, file sharing, collaboration tools, and more, it’s an all-in-one solution to manage any size of Project.

to-do list

Freedcamp offers users the following:

  • Unlimited Projects – Create multi projects in one place. Assign tasks and deadlines easily to your teammates or clients.
  • Project Tasks – Break significant assignments into smaller parts for easier tracking and completion.
  • Project Templates – Quickly create new projects using pre-made templates so you don’t have to start from scratch each time!

By allowing teams to collaborate in real-time while managing their projects remotely, Freedcamp becomes the go-to choice for streamlining processes and simplifying work progress across multiple departments or organizations.

The monthly fee for the first user is $3.99, and for each additional user is $0.99. ( billed yearly )



An efficient project tool is a crucial element in the success of any project. Hive offers an innovative solution to this challenge, enabling teams to collaborate easily and manage their projects.

Imagining yourself at the helm of your team, controlling every aspect of the work progress like a conductor orchestrating an orchestra– that’s what Hive can do for you!

custom workflows

Hive combines all aspects of project management software tools into one convenient platform. Resource allocation has never been easier or more intuitive – staying aware of who’s working on what tasks and being able to adjust as needed becomes simple when using Hive.

Team collaboration is also greatly improved by its use; sharing files, discussing ideas, planning meetings, and assigning tasks are just some features offered by this tool.

The cost is $12 per month per user for the premium plan.



Project managers have an essential job. They must complete tasks quickly and efficiently while ensuring their team is on track to meet deadlines and realize the Project’s goals. But how can they do this?

Project tools are a critical factor in helping them reach success. One of these powerful tools is Freshdesk, which has been gaining traction among teams worldwide for its comprehensive task-management capabilities.

human resources

Freshdesk makes managing projects more manageable than ever with its extensive suite of features specifically designed for efficiency and collaboration. It helps users organize complex work progress and assign tasks to team members within seconds – no more wasting time trying to figure out who needs to do what!

Plus, it integrates with popular HR systems such as Slack and Zoom, allowing you to keep everyone in sync without manually managing multiple platforms. This reduces human resources expenditure and saves valuable time so you can focus on furthering progress towards your Project’s completion.



If you’re looking for a project tool to help your team collaborate and stay on top of timelines, Flock is worth considering. With unlimited users in the same workspace and powerful tools like task tracking and group chat, it’s an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple systems.

project deliverables

Flock makes collaboration easy with features like shared calendars and docs, which allows everyone on the team to see what tasks have been assigned so they can plan their work accordingly.

You can also create project timelines with Gantt charts, giving you visibility into how projects progress over time. And by using its built-in activity stream, teams can quickly share updates without switching between applications or email threads.

But most importantly, Flock provides a single platform where teams can communicate and collaborate from wherever they happen to be working – from home offices or remote locations worldwide. This helps ensure everyone stays connected when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.

Pricing: $4.50 /user/month + Basic free up to 20 Members



Project managers have a Herculean task to take on. Organizing resources, managing stakeholders, and keeping everyone in the loop requires an efficient set of project tools that can help them stay ahead of deadlines.

One such powerful tool is LiquidPlanner – a dynamic suite of features that allows effective collaboration.

Project dashboards

From scheduling tasks to sharing documents, tracking progress reports, and setting up reminders, LiquidPlanner has all the bells and whistles one needs from a full-fledged project tool.

It also has robust analysis capabilities that allow users to filter quickly by task status and prioritize work progress. What’s more? The system automatically updates timelines based on priorities or resource availability changes, so managers don’t need to adjust time blocks manually.

Plus, its collaborative platform offers tight integration with other popular applications like Dropbox, Trello, and JIRA, making it easy to keep track of various projects without switching between multiple programs.

Pricing: Monthly fees start at $39 per user on an annual subscription.



For managers, staying organized and on top of deadlines can often be overwhelming – unless you have access to the right tools. Enter Coschedule: a powerful yet simple-to-use project management tool that makes it easy for busy professionals to keep their projects running like clockwork.

limited feature

Coschedule offers an array of features designed to streamline your work progress. Project dashboards provide an overview at a glance, while task views give users insight into what needs to be done.

Automated notifications help ensure tasks are completed on time. Email integration eliminates tedious back-and-forths when working with external stakeholders. Plus, its intuitive drag & drop interface provides even those who aren’t tech-savvy won’t find themselves struggling to get up and running quickly.

Starting at just $20 per month, pricing is flexible enough to meet the needs of teams of any size.



If only there were a project management tool that could make your life easier, right? MoneyPenny.me might be the one you’re looking for! With its easy-to-use interface and reliable customer service, this software might revolutionize your project management.

advanced features

Here are 3 reasons why MoneyPenny is worth considering:

  1. It charges on a month-per-user basis instead of the other way around – making it incredibly cost-effective.
  2. It has intuitive features such as task sharing, organization tools, and automatic time tracking.
  3. Its user-per-month rate makes scaling up or down straightforward.

With all these features available at an affordable price, MoneyPenny offers something unique to its customers: peace of mind in knowing their projects will be handled efficiently without breaking the bank.

With access to 24/7 customer support and plenty of resources online to help maximize its potential, MoneyPenny takes the hassle out of project management.

MoneyPenny manages projects by combining important aspects from other popular platforms and adding value like affordability and ease.

Pricing: $15/month/1 user (Starter plan) to $55/month/30 users (after 30-day free trial) (Enterprise plan).



Podio is a powerful project management tool offering more than just individual tasks. Juxtaposed against its competitors, it stands out as the one-stop solution for teams wanting to take their project planning and collaboration to the next level.

larger teams

As an all-in-one platform, Podio offers users an efficient way of managing projects in real-time. Here are some of its key features:

  • Comprehensive task tracking across multiple platforms.
  • Automation tools to streamline work progress.
  • A customizable dashboard to quickly view progress.
  • Integration with third-party apps such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Team collaboration features like chat rooms and discussion boards.

With these features combined, Podio makes it easy for teams to stay organized and on track – even if they’re working remotely from different locations.

Plus, you can manage tasks from any device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone). It’s no wonder why so many managers rely on Podio day after day!

Pricing: Premium plan available at $24.


Project Insight

Who said project management apps have to be boring? Project Insight, the “easiest, most powerful” project management tool available today, will make managing projects an effortless and enjoyable experience. You might even forget that you’re using a critical path or scheduling out a project!

Sales teams

Project Insight puts all your project tasks in one place so you can easily track who is doing what and when it’s due. With their intuitive graphical interface, you’ll never need to guess whether a task has been completed. Every detail about the current status of each task is quickly accessible at any given time with just one click.

Moreover, Project Insight provides excellent collaboration capabilities for teams to stay connected regardless of how many miles apart they are.

From tracking key milestones to delegating tasks – this app helps you get more done by organizing and streamlining your work progress right from the start.

Business plan: $45 per user per month.



If you’re looking for the ultimate online project management tool, ClickUp is an excellent option. It’s a robust platform that can help you track time and track project progress in real time with ease.

Its intuitive interface is perfect for any size of team or organization. Plus, it has features like views, boards, lists, and more to make sure your projects are organized efficiently.

resource allocation

ClickUp also offers robust collaboration tools to ensure that everyone on your team can work together productively – no matter where they are in the world! You can assign tasks to individuals or groups based on their skill sets and then use the built-in chat feature to communicate quickly without leaving the app. And if you need help from outside stakeholders, there’s even a way to invite them to specific projects.

Plus, plenty of other valuable features like reminders and custom fields help keep all your data organized, so you can catch everything necessary when managing multiple projects. All these features combine to make ClickUp one of the best online project management tools today as we move on to EventCollab.

Pricing: $4.99 per user per month



Are you ready to supercharge your project management process? If so, then EventCollab is the perfect tool for you. This powerful and comprehensive project management platform can help you streamline team members’ collaboration while providing real-time updates and file sharing. So let’s take a closer look at what makes EventCollab such an effective tool!

file sharing

For starters, EventCollab allows teams to collaborate in real-time on projects from any location with an internet connection. Its intuitive UI helps teams stay organized by allowing them to assign tasks, create deadlines, and track progress within one platform.

Plus, it provides tools that make it easy for users to share files securely across different platforms, ensuring everyone has access to the same information when needed.

In addition to its impressive array of features, EventCollab offers advanced analytics capabilities that allow managers to review individual or group performance over time.

With these insights, they can quickly identify areas where team members excel, and improvements need to be made. By leveraging this data-driven approach, managers can ensure their projects run efficiently and effectively without missing a beat.

Pricing: Starting From $20 per month



Evernote has been a revolutionary tool for managers. It’s like an all-in-one Swiss Army knife of productivity, allowing you to take notes, track time, create to-do lists and collaborate with your team in one intuitive interface.

It’s almost magical how Evernote can streamline the work of any PM trying to keep their projects on track – empowering them to be organized, efficient, and effective.

agile teams

Its simple yet powerful features like notebooks, tags, and reminders allow users to quickly find what they need without wasting precious time searching around. The web clipping feature makes it easy to save important information from websites, so it’s always ready when needed.

Managers are looking for tools that make their lives easier while helping ensure success – which is why Evernote is such a popular choice. From its ability to help organize tasks using customizable notebooks and tags to its advanced features like intelligent search and real-time collaboration capabilities – this fantastic tool provides everything needed for successful project management.


What Are Project Management Tools?

Project tools are integral to success and vital to any significant project. They provide teams with the capabilities to plan, organize, manage, and track their projects efficiently and effectively. Project managers must leverage the right software solutions that streamline processes, automate tasks, reduce costs, and facilitate collaboration – all while providing clarity into every part of the project life cycle.

The best way to find the ideal fit for your organization is by researching different types of project management tools and techniques. Compare cost-effectiveness, scalability, ease of use, integration with existing systems, and security protocols before selecting. Ultimately you want something tailored specifically for your team’s needs that will enable them to work smarter – not harder – on their projects.


Why Should We Use Project Management Tools?

“A stitch in time saves nine.” This adage illustrates the importance of taking preventive measures. It’s the same when it comes to managing projects. Project managers must use practical project tools for effective project delivery and completion on time, within budget, and meeting all requirements.

Project tools are specialized software that helps project managers plan, monitor, control, and execute a project from start to finish. These tools provide an efficient platform for organizing tasks, assigning resources/team members, tracking progress, and ensuring stakeholder collaboration. A project manager can easily create a detailed project plan with specific schedule while using these tools, which help with task management and provides transparency in communication among team members involved in the process.

At its core, project management is about simplifying complex processes into manageable steps; this means having complete clarity over every facet of your Project, such as workloads, deadlines, dependencies, etc., without spending too much time or energy manually coordinating each aspect.

Using a reliable tool gives you access to powerful features like automated alerting & reminders, which makes planning more manageable by helping keep track of upcoming tasks so that nothing slips through the cracks!

Having the right tool also sets up an environment conducive to collaboration – enabling teams to work together more effectively toward achieving their goals faster than ever before.


Types Of Project Management Tools

When it comes to Project management, the right tools can make or break a successful outcome. Project managers need software solutions that are reliable and easy to use for their entire project team. But with so many different project tools available, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

There is an array of PM tools, ranging from basic task-tracking systems to complex suites designed for large-scale projects. Tools like Trello, Asana, and Basecamp offer web-based collaboration capabilities. At the same time, JIRA provides issue-tracking functionality in addition to Agile project management support. More traditional approaches such as MP may also be used depending on the size and scope of your Project.


How To Choose The Right Project Management Tool?

Choosing the right project management tool is like finding a needle in a haystack. It can be challenging, time-consuming, and downright frustrating for managers to determine which will meet their specific needs. We are here to help you select the ideal project management software.

First, it’s essential to determine the type of projects you’ll use the tool for. Smaller projects may require different features than larger ones. Some project tools are more suitable for more straightforward tasks. In contrast, others contain advanced capabilities that could easily handle complex objectives with ease. Once you know what kind of functionality or features you want from your chosen project management tool, you can start exploring options to narrow down your choices.

When considering various project tools available today, think about how well they integrate with other systems and applications used by your team members, such as collaboration platforms like Slack or Zoom.

Also, consider how user-friendly each solution is – after all, having an intuitive interface makes it easier for everyone involved to navigate and understand its functions so they can get started quickly without any hassles.

Additionally, read reviews or ask colleagues who have experience using specific tools so that you’re able to make an informed decision about which product would best suit your current needs regardless of whether those needs change over time or not.


Project management tools are essential for successful projects. But with so many different options available, it cannot be easy to decide which is suitable for you and your team.

That said, some of the top-rated project management tools include Asana, Clarizen, Redbooth, Smartsheet, and Monday.com. Each of these platforms offers a variety of features and benefits that help simplify and streamline collaboration on any project. Plus, users rated them highly regarding reliability and ease of use.

To make sure you choose the best tool for your needs, consider what type of task tracking or resource allocation capabilities you need and how much customization you require. And remember budget: One exciting statistic to keep in mind is that roughly 75% of organizations have adopted free or low-cost PM solutions due to budgetary constraints.

No matter which platform you select, having a reliable project management tool will ensure better organization and communication across teams—ultimately helping your projects move smoothly toward completion.

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