14 Best Creative Project Management Software 2023

tools used by project managersCreativity and project management are closely linked, so it is essential to have effective workflow management to benefit from projects. This list of 14 top tools, including Asana and Basecamp, provides some of the best creative project management software available. These tools will help you manage your projects efficiently and keep your creativity at its best in 2023.

When it comes to managing creative projects, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every team is different and has its own unique needs and processes, so finding the right tool can be difficult. Fortunately, our guide has narrowed down some of the best creative project management applications available today. Each offering features catering to specific use cases. Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a large organization, these solutions have something for everyone – from Kanban boards to Gantt charts and more!

To ensure your next creative endeavor goes as smoothly as possible, look at our roundup below, featuring 14 of the best creative project management software options on the market today. Let’s dive in and see which one fits your project style!


Use of Creative Project Management Software

Using the best project management software is like having the ultimate toolbox. It’s a way to unlock the potential of marketing teams and help them succeed, no matter what industry they’re part of. From task assignments to project templates, team collaboration to creative workflow, and file formats to resource management – these tools provide just what you need to take on even the most complex projects with confidence.

The power of creative project management lies in its ability to bring people together and allow them to work more efficiently toward success. Streamlining processes and automating tasks that would otherwise require manual effort makes managing projects more straightforward for everyone involved. Not only does this save time but also money while ensuring high-quality results every time.

Plus, plenty of superb features are available such as task assignment automation, real-time collaboration between teams and departments, detailed reporting capabilities, 3rd party integrations, etc., which can be tailored according to different industries and their needs. As a result, organizations can benefit from increased productivity and improved communication among stakeholders – leading them one step closer to success!



According to a recent survey, 97% of project managers use task lists and real-time collaboration tools for their creative projects. Paymo is an innovative software that provides project planners with all the essential features to stay organized and on track. Here are some key reasons why it stands out from other creative project management solutions:

digital asset management

1) Task Lists – Tracking tasks can be highly time-consuming when managing complex creative projects. However, Paymo simplifies this process by organizing everything in its intuitive interface. This makes it easier for project managers to keep track of every step of their workflow.

2) Project Boards – To make sure everyone involved stays up-to-date, Paymo offers powerful project boards where team members can collaborate in real time. It also allows users to view detailed progress reports, so they know what’s going on at any given moment.

3) Time Tracking – One of the great advantages of using Paymo is its ability to accurately measure how much time has been spent on each task or subproject within a creative endeavor. This helps ensure that deadlines are met, and budgets remain under control throughout the entire duration of the project planning process.

Paymo is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a comprehensive solution for tackling complex creative projects without missing a beat. With its plethora of helpful features, such as task lists, project boards, and time-tracking capabilities, it’s clear why many professionals turn to this platform to streamline their processes and improve overall productivity levels—moving forward into the next section about Flow.

Free Plan: 1 User

Pro Plan $5.95 /user per month: Maximum 1 User



Flow has come to the rescue for project managers who must organize their creative projects and get things done! Like Hercules fighting off his hydra-headed enemies, Flow can help you tackle your most repetitive tasks. Here’s what it offers:

Custom dashboards

• Real-time task progress tracking

• Collaboration tools that make it easy to assign project tasks

• Visual proofing of workflows with task templates

With Flow, you’ll always be able to handle your projects. Its intuitive interface makes managing complex tasks a snap. Plus, its powerful collaboration features let you quickly involve team members in any part of the workflow – whether creating content or providing feedback on visuals. You can share files and documents via Slack or Microsoft Teams directly from within Flow. And if that wasn’t enough, Flow also provides visual proofing so you can quickly review progress and ensure quality control at every step.

Thanks to these dynamic capabilities, Flow helps eliminate the hassle of organizing creative projects. Whether small teams work remotely or large multinationals collaborate across continents, Flow is the perfect tool for bringing everyone together around one common goal—completing tasks on time and within budget!

Pricing: $8 per user/per month



Asana is a powerful creative project management tool that helps teams collaborate on projects. It comes with custom workflows, unlimited projects, to-do lists, and more – making it the perfect tool for managing your team’s creativity.

cloud-based project management solution

Here are five features of this incredible collaboration tool:

1. Create custom workflows – Asana allows you to create unique processes for each project so everyone knows their roles and responsibilities when tackling tasks.

2. Unlimited Projects – Manage infinite creative Agency projects without restrictions or limits.

3. To-Do Lists – Keep track of progress by creating easy-to-follow checklists within each task list.

4. Project Collaboration – Centralize conversations around every project in one place using conversation boards and @mentions with ease!

5. Team Collaboration Tool – Easily manage multiple teams across various departments without forgetting details!

No matter how many people or projects you must manage, Asana ensures everything gets noticed in translation thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive design elements.

Whether you’re looking for simple project tracking or sophisticated workflow organization, Asana has something unique to offer every type of user and business; it is the ultimate solution for all your creative project management needs! With Smartsheet coming up next, let’s look at how this app can help streamline even the most complex operations.

Free version: up to 15 teammates, Premium US$ 13.49 billed monthly



Smartsheet is a powerful project management platform that helps teams stay organized and get things done. It’s packed with key features to make managing projects easier, including resource tracking, real-time notifications, budget management, task management, and more.

project deliverable

Here are four reasons why Smartsheet stands out:

1) It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface so you can quickly move tasks between columns in your project timeline;

2) The best software offers team collaboration tools that enable distributed teams to work together seamlessly;

3) You can use the built-in reporting feature to track key performance indicators (KPIs);

4) It integrates with dozens of popular apps like Google Calendar and Slack for added flexibility.

In short, if you’re looking for a comprehensive project management app with all the bells and whistles you need to meet deadlines on time and within budget – Smartsheet is worth exploring.

With its easy-to-use interface, handy collaboration features, flexible integrations, and detailed reporting capabilities, this robust project management platform has everything you need to manage even the most complex projects effectively.

Free version: up to 1 user, Premium $7/mo per user



If you’re looking for creative project management software tailored to the needs of designers and creatives, then monday.com is worth considering. This comprehensive tool offers unlimited users, integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud and other popular apps, plus powerful features like expense tracking and resource allocation.

project goal

Regarding design projects, monday.com makes it easy to assign tasks, track progress, collaborate with your team members in real time, and store files securely via Dropbox or Google Drive – all within one central hub.

Plus, their drag-and-drop interface allows you to rearrange tasks quickly and efficiently as needed without having to adjust any code or settings manually. With these must-have tools at your fingertips, managing complex design projects has never been easier!

From its intuitive user experience to its full suite of project management capabilities – monday.com may be just what you need to take your creative endeavors to the next level.

Free version: up to 2 user, Premium $10/mo per user



it’s the tool that can do almost everything. This workspace offers real-time updates on project management, task tracking and digital asset storage.

creative deliverables

Forget juggling multiple tools to keep your workflow on track. The Notion handles task prioritization, visual representations, and pre-built templates to help streamline any project.

Whether you’re managing a small team or individual workloads, Notion offers powerful features for planning and collaboration on even the most complex projects. With its intuitive interface and suite of organizational tools, this software simplifies every step in the creative process.

Notion keeps everyone connected from concept to completion by providing up-to-the-minute information on progress milestones.

Free version: up to 10 guests, Premium $10/mo per user



Are you in search of the best creative project management software? Well, look no further. Ntask is here to help your team stay organized and focused on their tasks! It’s an intuitive platform that anyone can use – from first-time users to power users – giving them a wide range of project management options.

centralized platform

With real-time insight into project progress, ntask helps teams easily view approvals processes and track task cards throughout the entire lifecycle.

So, if you want to take your creativity game up a notch with a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool, ntask is the way to go. From detailed reports and customizable workflows, this cloud-based platform ensures teams have everything they need at their fingertips!

Pricing: $4/Month/User


Proprofs Projects

Proprofs Projects is the engine of productivity, a powerhouse for creative project management software that helps fuel cross-functional teams to success. It’s like turbocharging your team with the latest and most excellent tools available at their fingertips — an ideal solution for companies looking to take control of their workflow.

Track time


Providing custom quotes based on each customer’s needs, Proprofs Projects ensures every stone is turned on when managing projects and tasks effectively. From time tracking, task lists, calendars, and budgeting tools, this robust platform offers everything users need to streamline teamwork projects without missing critical steps.

With intuitive navigation, excellent reporting capabilities, and real-time updates across all aspects of project management software, Proprofs Projects stands out as one of the best options available in today’s market. This straightforward interface is excellent for inexperienced and seasoned creative project managers who want to finish their work quickly.

Proprofs Projects has proven an invaluable asset for businesses seeking top-notch project management tools – enabling them to reach maximum efficiency while saving money and resources. Whether you’re a startup or enterprise-level company, Proprofs Projects’ comprehensive suite of features will help keep every aspect of your projects on track!

Pricing: $49.97/user/month



FunctionFox is a powerful creative project management software that helps you track and manage projects. It’s an essential tool for creative teams who must allocate resources, monitor progress, and organize workflows.

popular tool

From resource allocation to invoices, FunctionFox offers sophisticated capabilities that help you get the most out of your team and ensure every project runs smoothly. This software allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously while staying on top of each task’s status. Through automated workflow tracking, everything from delegating tasks to monitoring performance can be done with the click of a button.

And thanks to its intuitive interface, it takes little time to become familiar with this powerful platform. You will soon gain complete control over your creative projects, enabling you to dedicate more time to obtaining excellent client results.

Pricing: $5/user/month



Hive is a robust project management solution built for teams to coordinate their efforts better and get things done. Take the example of XYZ Studio, which reduced its monthly user cost by 33% while streamlining its creative process thanks to Hive’s intuitive request forms and automated workflows.

creative juices

The platform also allows users to store project files in one convenient place, providing advanced features such as real-time project timelines for efficient task tracking and updates. This helps ensure all projects are completed on time without compromising quality or efficiency. Teams can customize their dashboard to meet their needs, allowing quicker and easier access to the required information.

By leveraging Hive’s comprehensive suite of tools, teams can save time and better understand how projects should be managed from start to finish. Creative industry professionals, who understand the importance of reliable project management software for managing their workloads, have found Hive to be a popular choice considering this.

Pricing: Free/10 users, Pro Plan $12/user/month


Planview Clarizen

Planview Clarizen is the perfect creative project management solution for any team that wants to stay on top of client projects and track their progress. When bringing your ideas to life, Clarizen can help you get there quickly and easily with its drag-and-drop features and milestone-tracking tools.

all-in-one solution

Take a look at what makes Planview Clarizen such an effective project plan tool:

Project Portfolio Management – Clarizen’s portfolio dashboard lets you monitor all active projects in one place, giving you complete control over timelines, costs, task dependencies, and resources.

Drag & Drop Features – With built-in drag & drop features, making changes to plans or tasks takes no time. This helps ensure everyone stays up-to-date and on task without tedious manual updates.

Milestone Tracking – Keep an eye on significant milestones with this feature, so teams never miss important deadlines or lose sight of long-term goals.

Clarizen offers everything needed for efficient, creative project management in one intuitive platform. Teams can monitor and observe projects from the beginning to the end and concentrate on the outcomes instead of administrative duties due to the real-time insight into budgets, workloads, and other data.

And thanks to its easy integration with popular third-party applications like MS Office 365, Slack, and Google Drive, getting started with Planview Clarizen couldn’t be easier.

No wonder it’s become the go-to choice for companies worldwide looking for reliable solutions when managing their client projects! Now let’s take a look at Trello.

Free Trial Available



Trello is like a bright ray of sunshine in the dark abyss that creative project management can become. With its friendly drag-and-drop interface, customizable workflows, cloud-based solution, and seamless collaboration capabilities, Trello brings order to chaos with ease. It’s an intuitive file management tool for a creative team that helps them stay one step ahead of their projects.

creative requests

If you’re looking for something simpler than Planview Clarizen yet more robust than spreadsheets or post-it notes, look no further—Trello was made for your needs! It’s perfect for task tracking, scheduling meetings, and team communication. Many integrations are available, so you can customize it just as you want.

TIP: Make sure to explore all the features Trello has to offer since some may not be visible at first glance!

Pricing: Free 10 Boards, Pro Plan $6/user/month



Wrike offers users various tools to support their efforts, with flexible project views and customizable dashboards available on a single dashboard. Its intuitive interface allows for an easy-to-use experience that helps project managers stay organized while keeping track of tasks.

online proofing

With Wrike’s creative project management software, you can assign tasks quickly, monitor progress in real-time, access reports from anywhere at any time, and take advantage of its powerful automation capabilities.

Additionally, it has advanced customization options that enable you to customize your workspace and create multiple dashboards to easily see upcoming deadlines or other vital information at a glance. All this makes Wrike the perfect choice for a creative team looking for a comprehensive yet flexible solution to manage their projects.

The ease and convenience of using Wrike make it an excellent option for any team looking to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency.

Pricing: Free, Pro Plan $9.80/user/month



Are you looking for an award-winning project management software solution? Well, look no further than Jira. This revolutionary tool is the perfect blend of bug tracking and agile methodology, offering users a seamless collaboration experience that’ll make your workflow smoother.

creative professionals

Its intuitive interface makes it one of the most popular project management tools – with good reason! The platform provides teams with the tools to manage their projects from start to finish, track progress, allocate tasks and adhere to deadlines.

Plus, its Agile methodology supports continuous improvement cycles so everyone can get their work done faster and better. With Jira’s “kanban boards” feature, teams can create cards or stories to prioritize tasks based on importance or urgency, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

In addition, it offers excellent support via chatbot, which will help you solve any problems quickly and conveniently.

No matter what kind of project you’ve got going on–be it small-scale or enterprise-level–Jira provides everything you need to ensure your team has all they need to complete successful projects without worrying about tedious management duties like tracking bugs or managing deadlines. 

pricing: free for 10 users, Pro $7.75 user/month



Finding a project management software that works best for your business would be best. Whether it’s Paymo, Flow, Asana, Smartsheet, Planview Clarizen, Trello, Wrike, or Jira – each option offers something unique and special.

As an entrepreneur, managing projects can be overwhelming. Still, with these 15 creative project management tools, you can stay organized like never before. Think of them as a giant filing cabinet in the sky – accessing all the information you need without ever feeling lost in the shuffle is easy.

When selecting creative project management software, no single solution meets everyone’s needs. Finding the software that fits your needs may take time, but once you do, it can be very beneficial for keeping projects on track.

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