12 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugin Tools

Email marketing effectively reaches your intended audience, but achieving optimal results may be challenging without appropriate tools. That’s why I’ve put together this guide on the 12 best WordPress email marketing plugins to help you skyrocket conversions and customer engagement.

These are all tried-and-true solutions that have been used by leading marketers worldwide for years – so you know they’ll work for you too! Read on to learn more about each one of these unique platforms and how they can take your business’ email campaigns to new heights.


What Is An Email Marketing Plugin?

Email marketing plugins are essential for any website that wants to get more out of its WordPress site. Without a good plugin, you won’t be able to send emails or build an email list – both critical components of effective marketing campaigns.

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Fortunately, plenty of free and premium plugins are available today to help you reach new heights with your online presence.

The sheer number of options can make it challenging to choose the right one, so let’s look at some of the best solutions currently on the market. With these tools, you’ll be ready to send powerful emails and build an engaged audience quickly!


Factors To Consider When Choosing An Email Marketing Plugin

Email marketing plays a crucial role in the digital marketing strategy of businesses. A well-crafted email can engage your audience, showcase your brand’s personality, and drive sales. To streamline this process, choosing the right plugin is essential. This section will discuss the factors to consider when selecting an email plugin for your WordPress website.


Compatibility with WordPress plugins and Other Software

One of the first attributes to consider when selecting an email plugin is its compatibility with WordPress and any other software you may use. Look for a plugin that seamlessly integrates with your current system so you don’t need to worry about conflicts, bugs, or compatibility issues. Always consult the plugin’s documentation and reviews from other users to ensure that the plugin works well with your current setup.


Ability to Create Professional-looking Emails

An essential aspect of email marketing is the appearance of the emails you send. Your plugin should have an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop email editor that lets you create visually appealing emails with minimal effort. Responsive templates that automatically adapt to various screen sizes will ensure your emails look great on any device.


Features for Managing Email Subscribers

An email plugin should provide features to manage your email subscribers effectively. This includes options to segment your subscriber list based on different criteria, allowing you to send targeted messages to specific groups. Additionally, tools for managing unsubscribes, handling bounced emails, and tracking the performance of your campaigns will significantly contribute to your sales & email marketing success.


Integration with Third-party Services

Integrating your email plugin with third-party services can tremendously enhance your efforts. Integrations with social media platforms and e-commerce solutions, for example, can give you valuable data and increase the reach of your campaign. Moreover, integration with analytics tools can help track the performance of your campaigns, offering valuable insights to refine your marketing strategy.


Pricing and Affordability of Email Plugins

It’s also essential to consider the pricing and affordability of your email plugin. A wide range of pricing options is available, from free plugins with basic features to premium solutions with advanced functionality. Remember to balance your budget with the elements you need to create successful email campaigns.

Selecting the right email plugin involves considering compatibility, the ability to create professional-looking emails, subscriber management features, integration options, and pricing. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can choose the plugin that best suits your needs and helps you achieve your email marketing goals.


Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for any website or business. If you’re running a WordPress site, taking advantage of it couldn’t be easier. With some of the best email marketing plugins for WordPress, you can get your emails sent out quickly!


Hubspot WordPress plugin

If you’re looking for a powerful email marketing plugin, HubSpot is one of the best options. It’s an all-in-one growth platform that helps businesses grow better. It has many free gadgets like CRM, email marketing, live chat and chatbots, ad management, reporting, subscription forms, and more.


The Hubspot drag-and-drop builder makes creating emails easy while natively integrating with WordPress. You can send up to 2,000 emails per month for free and even have access to sophisticated features if needed.

The HubSpot plugin also has excellent reviews compared to popular extensions like Click Funnels. Its marketing automation features are perfect for email marketing service companies wanting to personalize their contact database to make communication actionable. This HubSpot plugin is worth considering if you want to take your business to the next level!



MailChimp is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their email marketing to the next level. Imagine a world of user-friendly plugins, updated with every new release and free from any technical hurdles – that’s what you get when you use Mailchimp for wordpress!

active installations

The platform offers an extensive range of features, such as:

  • Mobile-friendly and customizable signup forms.
  • A comprehensive knowledge base.
  • A valuable selection of add-on plugins is available.
  • Ability to scale your email requirements quickly.
  • Streamlined interface with easy design capabilities.

Whether you’re running a business, consulting practice, creative service, or non-profit organization, MailChimp has everything needed to ensure your emails are effective and engaging without worrying about complicated setup problems.

It’s also best if you need something more potent than essential plugins but only wants to pay a little – they have plans starting at just $10 per month.



Moving on from MailChimp, let’s look at one of the most popular WordPress email plugins: SendInBlue. Like other extensions we’ve looked at, this plugin is designed to make list-building and management easier for everyone. But what sets it apart?

Transactional Emails

SendInBlue offers fantastic features like real-time tracking capabilities and drag-and-drop email campaign builders. You can also use their responsive design themes with your forms or create custom ones that fit perfectly with your site’s rest.

Plus, SendInBlue is super friendly for all users regardless of technical skill level – including those just starting! And while more advanced plans will cost you some cash, the SendInBlue standard plan is free for up to 9,000 emails per month (perfect for small businesses and blogs).


Sumo List Builder

Using the Sumo List email builder is like a breath of fresh air for any business looking to set up its email marketing. This plugin makes it easy and friendly for users to get their site ready for customer engagement.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

With its customizable popup forms, mobile display capabilities, pre-made templates, and Smart Mode technology, you can quickly create an attractive list without hassle.

The best thing about using this plugin is that the basic version is free for up to 500 subscribers – perfect if your business still needs to be ready to jump into more advanced plans. Plus, there are additional options available such as Professional ($24 per month), Small Business ($59 per month), and E-commerce ($199 per month).

So whether you’re running a small or large startup, this List Builder has something tailored to fit your needs.


One press Opt-In Panda

OnePress Opt-In Panda is the best email marketing plugin that can help you connect with your website visitors in a whole new way.

This plugin has it all – it’s free, developer-friendly, optimized for mobile devices, and loads ultra-fast. Plus, it offers plenty of settings that simplify locking premium content.

When using OnePress Opt-In Panda, you’ll have access to some powerful tools. You can send informational newsletters, eCommerce promotions and offers, blog recaps, case studies, and more.

It’s also perfect for almost any industry or hosting situation. So no matter your needs, this plugin will work for you! Its regular license costs only $23 – an absolute bargain compared to other plugins.


Alo Easymail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a fantastic email newsletter plugin for WordPress. It’s straightforward and friendly, making it terrific for personal blogs or small businesses. With over 200,000 active installations, it’s one of the most popular plugins!

It has superb features that make creating newsletters a breeze – you can easily import and export registered user data from a CSV file and managed subscribers by adding or deleting them quickly. Plus, there are options for batch sending, tracking open rates (although basic analytics only), and other valuable tools. All these elements come entirely free – what more could you ask for?



The following best email marketing plugin is OptinMonster. It’s a potent, user-friendly tool for any size of operation for their website. With its advanced analytics, you can easily create and customize signup forms according to your business needs.

plugin for email marketing

Plus, the ability to rapidly test multiple versions of your form makes it great for scalability. OptinMonster offers a free performance as well as Basic ($9/month), Plus ($19/month), and Pro plans ($29/month).

The higher-tier packages offer more elements, such as access to critical themes, engines, and plugins that make the most of this modern and friendly system. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that requires minimal effort, OptinMonster might be just what you need!



Coincidentally, Newsletter is a free plugin that allows WordPress users to create and manage their email campaigns from within the dashboard.

email automation

It’s an advanced yet friendly solution for anyone looking to maximize their email marketing efforts, boasting gorgeous templates with drag-and-drop builders and intuitive subscription widgets.

Most interesting is how easy it is to add additional functionality through its range of extensions – like archiving your emails or locking premium content behind paywalls.

This makes Newsletter one of the best plugins for creating effective WordPress extensions quickly and efficiently.



So, you’re looking for a powerful email marketing plugin to take your WooCommerce store to the next level. In that case, you should give Remarkety a try.

email marketing services

It offers some of the best features in the business. It can help you create targeted campaigns that drive conversions like never before.

The great thing about this plugin is that it comes with an array of pricing plans – from Basic ($25/month) to Professional ($800/month).

Plus, there’s a 14-day free trial to test all its unique features without breaking the bank.

With Remarkety at your side, you can easily segment subscribers according to their behavior and send them personalized emails that will surely get results!



When creating stunning, lead-capturing landing pages and automated emails for your WordPress site, Leadpages is the superhero you’ve been waiting for.

email services

This powerful plugin gives you a beautiful array of options tailored specifically to your industry or email campaign type, allowing you to create interactive CTA buttons easily.

From its mobile-friendly templates to simplified payment forms and popups, Leadpages has got you covered:

  1. Generate gorgeous and impactful landing pages
  2. Advanced analytics to better inform your campaigns
  3. Create interactive Call To Action (CTA) buttons

You’ll also get access to advanced features like split testing capabilities and even API functionality without writing any code!

But if there’s one drawback, there currently needs to be an option for implementing live chat features. However, Leadpages continues to prove itself as an effective marketing tool, perfect for large-scale online publications and e-commerce businesses.


Sendpress Newsletters

SendPress Newsletters is an excellent solution for those looking to start with email marketing. It integrates seamlessly with your existing web host or Gmail account, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a separate system. Plus, tons of features like Auto Cron and statistics tracking make it easier than ever to track how well your campaigns are performing.

Security auditingQuality security auditingIt may not be suited for large volumes
Unlimited subscribersEasily sync WordPress roles with the newsletterN/A

SendPress is perfect for personal blogs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations; plus, the plugin is free (but limited). However, if you want more advanced features, they offer several subscription plans starting at just $39 per year. So whatever email marketing campaign you run, SendPress has something to fit your needs.



MailPoet is an excellent email marketing plugin that I always use. It’s got a drag-and-drop editor, integrates with Google Analytics, and works perfectly with Multisite setups.

Email marketing platforms

Here are three great things about it:

  • Gorgeous and responsive email templates – MailPoet takes design seriously with its beautiful-looking emails.
  • Option to send via own service – If you want more control over how your messages get sent out, this option gives you total peace of mind.
  • Affordable pricing plans – The free program allows up to 2,000 subscribers, which is excellent for smaller businesses or personal blogs. And if you need more features than what’s offered in the free version, affordable premium options start at just $10/month.

No matter what industry you’re in or what type of content you’re sending out (blog post recaps, case studies, videos, etc.), MailPoet 3 can help make sure your message gets across effectively without breaking the bank!


How do I collect emails for email marketing in WordPress?

Are you looking to collect emails for email marketing in WordPress? This guide will give you a simple, step-by-step process to achieve this using some popular plugins. And don’t worry; there are other WordPress options available too!

Step 1: Choose the right WordPress plugin

Selecting the perfect email marketing plugin is crucial for your WordPress website. Although there are several options, some of the best include MailChimp, HubSpot, and SendinBlue. Ensure the plugin is practical, easy to use, and offers the needed features, such as simple email sending and a powerful engine to manage your subscribers.

Step 2: Install your chosen WordPress plugin

Once you have selected your Email marketing plugin, the next step is to install it on your WordPress site. This is usually a straightforward process. Go to your WordPress dashboard, press “Plugins,” then “Add New.” Search for the chosen plugin and press “Install” then “Activate.”

Step 3: Configure the WordPress plugin settings

After installing, delve into the settings of your email marketing plugin. In MailChimp or SendinBlue, for example, you’ll need to connect your account and import your newsletter lists. With HubSpot, simple integration options allow seamless data collection across free and paid plans. For plugins like ActiveCampaign, find the “Settings” tab in your WordPress dashboard and follow the prompts to set up your account.

Step 4: Activate sign-up forms through the plugin

All popular plugins have built-in sign-up forms to simplify capturing subscribers. HubSpot, for instance, offers customizable forms with intelligent analytics. SendinBlue, on the other hand, provides a more straightforward approach to help users easily create and embed forms. Activate your chosen plugin’s sign-up form and customize it to suit your website’s style and preferences.

Step 5: Create newsletter content

A significant aspect of email marketing is crafting the right content for your newsletter. Engaging content can effortlessly capture your subscribers’ attention using MailChimp, HubSpot, or another email marketing plugin. Be sure to target your audience’s preferences and provide valuable information. Do you know what they say? Content is king!

Step 6: Keep track of your progress

After setting up your email marketing plugin and launching your newsletter, periodically review your progress. Whatever WordPress plugin you choose, analytics is vital to track performance. HubSpot, for example, offers robust analytics and reporting options that help optimize your campaigns. At the same time, MailChimp provides simple yet powerful tools to assess email campaign effectiveness.

Step 7: Optimize and improve

Finally, refining your email marketing strategy to attain better results continually is essential. Armed with the necessary data from your chosen WordPress plugin, identify areas for improvement and optimize your campaigns accordingly. With the right approach, your subscribers’ list will grow, taking your email marketing to new heights.

And there you have it! Now you can collect emails for email marketing using a WordPress plugin. Get ready to witness higher engagement and increased subscribers with the help of reliable plugins like MailChimp, HubSpot, and SendinBlue. Give it a try and watch your newsletter campaign skyrocket!


Free Email Marketing Plugins And Their Benefits

Email marketing is a vital component of any successful WordPress website. With the right email plugins, businesses can reach a wider audience and build better customer relationships. The benefits of using such plugins are immense, especially considering that many are free. 

Benefits of Using Free email marketing plugins

Increased Engagement

Using email plugins, businesses can engage their audience through regular communication. Newsletters, automated emails, and other marketing emails can be quickly and easily created and sent directly to a targeted list of subscribers.

Better Management of Email Lists

Free WordPress extensions allow businesses to manage their email list better, ensuring subscribers are segmented according to their interests, behavior, and demographic information. This ensures subscribers receive only relevant and valuable content, increasing open rates and conversions.

Marketing Automation and Time-saving

email automation features within WordPress extensions enable businesses to send emails based on specific triggers or events. For example, businesses can set up automated emails to be sent out when a new user registers or when a client abandons a shopping cart. This not only saves time but also helps to optimize engagement and conversions.

Price Affective

Considering the price, using free plugins in WordPress is an affordable way for businesses to harness the power of email marketing. This allows companies to allocate their valuable resources to other aspects of their operations.

Integration with WordPress Themes and Plugins

These free plugins work seamlessly with most WordPress themes and other extensions, ensuring businesses can build a consistent online presence in functionality and design.

Incorporating email marketing plugins in your WordPress website can lead to increased engagement, better supervision of email lists, time-saving automation, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration with your existing WordPress theme and plugins. With the wide variety of options available, businesses are sure to find the perfect email marketing plugin to suit their needs and goals.


As a website owner, I understand the power of email marketing. It’s an incredibly effective way to grow your business and build customer relationships.

But choosing the right email marketing plugin can be tricky! Luckily, plenty of great options – from HubSpot to Remarkety – make it easy to create professional-looking emails and get them delivered to people’s inboxes quickly.

With so many plugins available, finding one that fits your technical needs and budget is manageable. But while all these email marketing tools has their merits, you will only do a little good if you use them.

So remember: Email is only as powerful as you make it! Take the time to learn how to craft engaging messages, develop compelling content strategies, optimize delivery times, and watch your list (and profits) skyrocket! 

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