10 Best Project Management Software With Client Portal

Do you ever feel like your projects are spinning out of control? Are you looking for the best project management software that will help keep everything on track and organized? Look no further! This article shows you the 10 best project management software with client portals.

Projects can be daunting – there’s so much to do, and it’s easy to lose track of what needs doing and when. That’s why having the right project management tool makes all the difference. With an efficient system, everyone involved knows exactly what needs doing and by when – making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

You must invest in good project management software to streamline operations and ensure success. Communicating with clients efficiently via a client portal also adds a layer of convenience that many businesses find invaluable.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 of the best project management software with client portals available today – to help you pick the perfect one for your business needs!


Top PM Dashboard With Client Portals

Have you ever wondered what the best project management software with the best client portals is? With a custom client portal feature, businesses can easily track progress and manage client requests. This makes it possible for teams to collaborate in real-time with remote users and provide better customer support and relationship-building opportunities.



Suppose you’re looking for the perfect project management software to manage client projects. In that case, monday.com should be at the top of your list. It’s a comprehensive task-management tool that will help you stay organized and on track while enabling you to create excellent customer experiences and interactions.

Monday’s client portal software lets users keep their customers in the loop as projects progress by allowing them to view updates and provide feedback directly from within the platform.


This keeps clients up to date with work statuses without having to contact members individually via email or phone call. Plus, it helps teams maintain better communication with their clients, ensuring all stakeholders remain informed throughout the process.

The software streamlines processes associated with customer interaction, making it easier than ever for teams to effectively manage complex projects and exceed expectations when dealing with clients.

With its robust task management capabilities, custom notifications, and visual planning system, Monday is an invaluable resource in helping businesses deliver exceptional customer service along every step of their journey.



Its customer portal software gives you access to all the best project management tools necessary to manage your clients’ projects from end to end. Its client-facing capabilities make it perfect for design agencies who must show their customers exactly what they’re working on.

With Wrike, you can keep your new clients up-to-date with custom portals they can easily use to view progress, collaborate in real-time, and track deadlines – giving them complete visibility into every stage of their Project.


Plus, Wrike’s intuitive dashboard lets you quickly see which tasks are in progress or completed at a glance.

It continues further; with features like Gantt charts, automated workflows, resource management, and more, managing complex projects has never been easier.

And because everything is cloud-based, you have 24/7 access, so you always know how things are progressing no matter where you are or when you’re working.

Better yet, since updates happen automatically as changes occur within the system – everyone stays informed without needing refreshes or manual notifications.

For those looking for an all-inclusive client software that provides unparalleled control over even the most intricate projects – look no further than Wrike.



If your customer relationships are essential to you, then Coordinate is your project management software. It’s a powerful tool that helps teams coordinate complex projects with ease and efficiency. It provides an easy-to-use interface for team collaboration. It portal offers a client-facing dashboard that lets customers keep tabs on their projects.


Coordinate puts clients at the center of everything they do, ensuring tight customer relationships and increased customer satisfaction. The simple user interface allows users ease of use to access their information from any device – desktop or mobile – while its client portals offer secure access to specific documents and data sets shared between teammates and clients alike.

Plus, its customizable customer portal provides users with a simple yet effective way to engage in meaningful conversations with clients and manage tasks efficiently via the convenient client interface.

With Coordinate, teams can quickly build trust with customers by providing greater visibility into progress made. This encourages successful collaborations between various stakeholders, ultimately leading to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Pricing: $25 per user/per month



If you’re looking for an all-in-one project management software with a robust client portal, Project.co is worth considering. It’s designed to help teams coordinate their tasks and activities efficiently while keeping clients in the loop at every step.

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The platform offers an intuitive customer onboarding process that allows users to get up and running quickly – no matter how complex their workflow is. The customizable drag & drop features make it easy to organize tasks into projects and assign them to your team members. Its built-in chat feature ensures everyone stays connected throughout the customer journey.

Project.co also delivers high levels of customer satisfaction by providing customers with real-time updates as they move through each stage of the project lifecycle.

This helps ensure clients stay informed about what’s happening, leading to increased customer retention. Transitioning smoothly into the next section, let’s look at ClickUp, another popular choice for project management software with client portals.



ClickUp is the ultimate project management tool with a client portal that will help you soar to success. Its integrated customer retention strategies and custom branding options are like turbo boosters for your business, propelling it forward in no time!


With its powerful file-sharing capabilities and robust task management tools, Clickup offers all the bells and whistles needed to take on any projects or goals.

Its client portal feature allows customers to access their kanban boards to view progress updates and collaborate more efficiently. This facilitates better communication between clients and team members, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about wasting time searching through endless files since Clickup makes sure everything is organized precisely how you want it.

So if you’re looking for an effective way to manage tasks while delighting customers simultaneously, look no further than Clickup – it has everything you need from start to finish.



Freshdesk is the perfect assistant for customer service teams and client portals. It can streamline client communication and provide fast, reliable solutions to their queries. Armed with a custom domain, Freshdesk makes it easy for customers to find what they need while maintaining your brand identity.

privacy policy

The collaborative effort between you and your clients helps achieve client satisfaction quickly. With an intuitive user interface, conversations can be tracked easily, along with automated alerts that keep everyone in sync.

The ability to prioritize tasks from one convenient dashboard ensures maximum efficiency and transparency when managing projects or resolving issues. For any customer service team looking for a powerful platform to manage client interactions – Fresh Desk is the ultimate choice!



Regarding project management solutions, Accelo is the answer for those seeking a customer-viewable client portal. Much like its famous predecessor Freshdesk, this software provides various features that help businesses reach their goals more efficiently and effectively.


As a comprehensive suite of tools with custom price plans tailored to any business size or style, Accelo offers users the best in productivity and organization. From file requests and tracking time spent on projects to invoicing clients and managing resources – this program has everything needed to stay one step ahead of your competitors. It’s no wonder many companies have adopted it as their preferred platform for streamlining tasks.

The intuitive user interface makes it incredibly easy to dive right into all the available features, ensuring each team member can quickly get up to speed with its operation.

Best of all, customers can see progress at every stage, giving them peace of mind that their Project is in good hands. By leveraging the power of Accelo’s cloud-based technology, organizations can be confident they’re taking advantage of today’s most advanced project management solution.



Are you looking for user-friendly project management software with client portals that offers custom workflows and integrates with third-party apps? OneHub may be a perfect choice.

OneHub provides an all-in-one file-sharing solution for businesses of any size. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily manage files from multiple locations such as onsite, cloud storage, or even their device.


Plus, it supports various protocols, including FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV, so teams can access documents anywhere they need to be. The client portal feature allows clients to log in securely online to view projects and tasks assigned to them. They can also upload files directly into the system making collaboration more accessible.

The platform also features powerful customization options enabling teams to create custom workflows tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, OneHub’s integration capabilities allow seamless connection with popular third-party applications like Salesforce, Dropbox, and Google Drive, allowing users to maximize efficiency while managing projects across different platforms without moving back and forth between each app.

These features and the user-friendly interface make OneHub an ideal tool for streamlining business operations involving file sharing and project management activities.

OneHub’s ability to enhance productivity through automation and collaboration tools makes tackling complex projects simple – no matter how many people are involved in the process!


Easy Projects

Easy Projects is a powerful project management software that allows teams and individual customers to collaborate on projects, track progress and communicate in real-time. Here are three reasons why Easy Projects stands out among other client portals:

secure client

  1. It offers an intuitive dashboard that allows users to quickly assess project status at a glance, saving valuable time for team administrators.
  2. Its communication tools make it easy for individuals to communicate updates or changes within their workspace from any device – whether they’re working remotely or in an office environment.
  3. Customizable permission levels allow different customer types access to specific areas of the portal, providing enhanced security and control over who can view sensitive information related to projects.

The standout feature of Easy Projects is its client portal functionality, which makes it ideal for businesses looking to provide a secure platform for managing multiple projects across various groups or departments within their organization.

This setup allows organizations to easily ensure visibility into tasks and deliverables while keeping customer data safe and encrypted behind closed doors.

Additionally, features such as automated reminders and alerts help keep individual customers informed about project progress and milestones on an ongoing basis.

These features combine to create a comprehensive solution that empowers teams and customers with robust collaboration capabilities through one centralized platform without compromising privacy or security protocols.

Easy Projects’ client portal integration makes it possible for businesses to manage projects effectively with maximum efficiency – no matter how complex the task is!

Pricing: $13 Per user/Per Month


Client Portal For WordPress

WordPress’s client portal is a bridge connecting clients and project teams. It allows them to collaborate easily streamlined way, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and productivity.

basic plan

This invaluable tool is packed with features such as collaboration tools, a knowledge base, and prebuilt integrations to ensure every project process’s task runs smoothly.

It Sets up a secure environment where your clients have access to all their projects’ data and documents without any extra effort from you – perfect for those who want to quickly take care of business without worrying about security issues or compatibility problems.

Plus, you get real time updates, so everyone involved knows what’s happening at all times!

From increased efficiency for both parties to improved communication among team members, the client portal for WordPress provides everything necessary for successful project management.

Its simple yet powerful design offers an intuitive experience that makes it easy for anyone to dive into this world of enhanced productivity and success.

Pricing: $249 (Single Site Licence)


What Is PM Software With A Client Portal?

Project management software with client portals is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. Internal teams need to understand what a client portal is and how it can help them achieve their business objectives.

A client portal is an online platform within project management software that allows external clients or users to access key features associated with the product, such as documents, task lists, and reports.

This gives your customers greater visibility into the progress of projects without having to contact you directly. Moreover, these platforms allow your clients to communicate easily with your team, submit feedback, and provide task input.

Client portals are designed to make collaboration between internal teams and external customers more accessible than ever – streamlining communication and improving efficiency in the process.

Providing increased transparency and control over project details also gives small business a competitive advantage when meeting customer expectations and achieving desired outcomes.


Why is it Beneficial to have a Client Portal?

Using a client portal in project management software provides many benefits to users:

  1. It allows users to create a customizable dashboard tailored to their needs and preferences.
  2. A separate portal for customers helps keep internal information secure from external applications.
  3. Customer applications can be separated into different portals so that only relevant data is shared with each party.
  4. An internal portal also keeps track of customer communications and activities more efficiently than without one.

These advantages come together to make project management much easier when there’s a client portal involved. Users can stay organized while keeping their data safe from outside interference, making it easy to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Plus, customers have access only to what they need – no extra or irrelevant information which could cause confusion or delays. This makes communication between teams smoother and helps projects run more smoothly overall. All this adds up to increased productivity and efficiency for everyone involved!


What Functions Should Be Available in a Client Portal?

Picture a client portal: a secure, user-friendly gateway to your project management software that provides an invaluable link between you and your customers. It’s the keystone of customer retention, connecting them with the information they need while keeping their data safe.

As such, it pays to ensure that all the essential features are included in the design of your client portal. Here’s a list of three must-haves for any effective portal:

Security measures:

The security of your client’s data should be at the top of your priority list when designing a client portal. Ensure you include robust encryption protocols, secure storage solutions, and reliable authentication procedures.

Client views:

Your client portal should give customers access to personalized content tailored to their needs. This includes order history logs, payment records, account details, and support documents – anything which streamlines communication between the two parties and enhances the customer experience.

Responses from customers:

A good client portal enables customers to respond quickly and efficiently to questions or requests sent by you or other staff members. From surveys gauging satisfaction levels to feedback forms offering insights into product improvement opportunities, these responses can help inform decisions regarding the cost of customer care and future business growth and development strategies.

Client portals offer many advantages; taking time to ensure yours is up-to-scratch helps maintain relationships with existing customers while forming new connections, too – ultimately boosting profitability and improving services over time!


Client Portal PM Key Features

Do you want to take your project management processes to the next level? With client portals, you can do just that! This article will explore some key features of a successful client portal project management system.

Let’s start by looking at how time-tracking solutions help streamline client-facing projects.

  • By accurately recording hours worked on specific tasks or activities, you can quickly identify which members are working hard and when they need additional support. This helps keep all collaborators informed about progress and makes it easy to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Secure file sharing is another essential feature for any project management solution, ensuring sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access.
  • With customizable dashboards, managers can create bespoke views tailored to their needs that offer real-time insights into workflow performance.
  • Finally, automated workflows enable teams to automate mundane tasks like scheduling meetings or approving invoices – freeing up valuable time for creative thinking and problem-solving.

When looking for top project management software with client portals, there are several key features to keep an eye out for, such as solid client participation tools, visibility into tasks/milestones of each Project, automated notifications or alerts when milestones or deadlines change, and robust client management capabilities.

These features will help streamline processes and ensure that projects are completed efficiently while maintaining healthy customer relationships.


If you’re looking for the best project management software with a client portal, you’ve come to the right place. From monday.com and Wrike to Top Coordinate and Client Portal For WordPress, there are plenty of great options available depending on your needs.

A client portal can be incredibly beneficial – it helps streamline communication between team members. It gives clients real time access to progress updates and other important information. The key features that should be included in any client portal include task assignment, file sharing, feedback loops, notifications, and document storage.

Project management software with a client portal is like having an extra pair of hands helping project managers – it takes all the guesswork out of keeping everyone up-to-date and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. It’s as if it was tailor-made for each Project, explicitly customized for success! As they say, a stitch in time saves nine – so get ahead by investing in reliable project management software today!

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