13 Best Open Source Project Management Software

Skills in project management are vital to the success of any company. It’s the key to staying on top of tasks and deadlines, tracking progress, collaborating with team members, and overall success in achieving goals. So what’s the best project management software?

Open-source projects are gaining popularity as they can be customized to fit specific needs without expensive license fees. Many open-source project management software options are available, but which one should you choose?


What Is an Open Source Project Management tool?

Open-source project management software is a powerful tool that enables small businesses to achieve their goals more efficiently. It’s designed to help teams manage projects with features like agile project management, source code, custom workflow automation, and more. Its open source makes it particularly attractive for small companies or startups needing more money to invest in costly PM software.

Using open-source project management tools can make a real difference for any business looking to stay organized and productive. With advanced capabilities like issue tracking and collaboration tools, you can quickly create detailed plans and assign tasks to members.

And since this type of software allows users to customize workflows according to their specific needs, teams can use it as an effective way of meeting goals—regardless of industry or size.


Best Open Source Project Management Software

No matter how big or small, all projects may benefit from the organization, efficiency, and teamwork fostered by the 13 open-source project management tools we’ve selected as our favorites. Keep reading to discover which tool will take your productivity levels sky-high!


Orangescrum Open Source

Orangescrum open source is like a well-oiled machine, providing project managers with the tools to plan and schedule their projects effectively. From setting up project roadmaps to managing resources, this comprehensive toolkit has everything businesses need to get the job done right:

application development projects

• Comprehensive project planning capabilities

• Easy access for members from anywhere in the world

• Streamlined scheduling of tasks and milestones

• Powerful yet easy-to-use resource management system

• Robust collaboration features for better communication between team members

With Orangescrum’s intuitive user interface, even novice users can quickly become experts at managing complex projects. And thanks to its security protocols, you know that all your data is safely stored away from prying eyes.

No matter how challenging the task may be, Orangescrum gives project managers the power and flexibility needed to succeed – allowing them to take control of their projects without breaking a sweat.

Ready to take your projects to new heights? Give Orangescrum open source software a try today! With little effort and no cost, it might be your best investment. As we journey into Taiga next, let’s continue exploring the most powerful open-source software for project management.


Taiga Workflow

Taiga is the Swiss Army knife of project management software. This powerful open-source tool has revolutionized how agile development teams collaborate. With a sleek, intuitive interface and extensive features, Taiga can help you and your team easily tackle any project.

resource calendars

Here are five reasons why this powerhouse should be part of your project manager’s arsenal:

1) It’s highly customizable – whether it involves creating a detailed project plan or setting up specific parameters for each project scope, Taiga ensures every step goes smoothly.

2) It comes equipped with collaborative tools – so multiple members of the same project team can work on different aspects simultaneously without getting in each other’s way.

3) Its built-in task-tracking system keeps everyone organized and on track – allowing all stakeholders to keep tabs on progress while keeping the function efficient.

4) The reporting module helps make data analysis more accessible than ever before – giving users time tracking visibility into their projects and allowing them to spot potential issues early on.

5) Finally, its version control feature ensures everyone is always working off of the latest version of the documentation and tasks list – reducing frustration and increasing productivity.

With Taiga at your disposal, you have everything you need to take charge of complex projects confidently! Get ready to experience true agility when managing your next significant endeavor.


Redmine Overview

Redmine is an affordable option for project management software that offers customizable dashboards and issue-tracking capabilities. It has become a popular choice for agile projects as it also provides bug tracking and kanban boards, making it an excellent solution for any team looking to increase efficiency.

Project management module

Here are 5 reasons why Redmine might be the best fit for your organization:

  1. Customizable dashboards allow you to get an overview of all ongoing projects quickly
  2. Automated workflows help teams move tasks quickly through each stage of completion • Issue tracking features monitor progress in real-time.
  3. The Kanban board helps visualize how tasks progress from start to finish
  4. The bug Tracking feature allows users to fix errors quickly and efficiently.

Redmine is an effective solution that helps increase productivity, whether you’re a seasoned pro at project management or just getting started. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and affordability, this platform makes it easy to track multiple projects simultaneously.

Plus, with its entire customization dashboard and kanban board, you’ll have complete visibility into every task – no matter how complex the assignment is. So if you’re looking for an effective way to manage your projects without breaking the bank, Redmine should be on your list!


Leantime Open-Source

Regarding open-source project management software, Leantime is an excellent option for agile teams. It offers customizable functions and comprehensive project management features that make it easy to use. Plus, the intuitive interface allows users to get up and running quickly.

hybrid project management

The developer community behind Leantime ensures you’re always on the most recent version of the software. So you don’t have to worry about updating your product manually. And with enterprise cloud options available, large organizations can easily manage their projects from any device or location.

Leantime has all the tools necessary for successful project management in one place – making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes looking for open-source solutions. As we move on to Projeqtor, let’s explore how its feature set compares to other popular platforms.



Projeqtor is an open-source project management software that offers users a range of agile features to help complete projects on time and within budget. It comes with a Gantt chart, project dashboard, and product management tools that allow businesses to easily manage their entire business model — from planning stages through completion.

task reminders

The intuitive interface provides everything you need in one place so teams can track progress and coordinate tasks quickly and effectively. The platform also allows for custom functions, reporting capabilities, task delegation, resource allocation, and more.

It integrates seamlessly with popular services like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Teams. With Projeqtor at your disposal, managing complex projects will be easier!



If you thought ‘restya’ couldn’t compete with other open-source project management software, think again. This powerful tool has much to offer and is quickly becoming one of the top choices for today’s businesses seeking an easy-to-use yet comprehensive collaboration platform.

From custom branding to communication management, restya provides all the features needed to keep projects on track while giving users complete control over their assignments. Whether you’re managing multiple projects or need human resources help, restya offers developer resources that simplify customizing any aspect of your operations. Its multi-project management capabilities allow team collaboration to work together effortlessly – no matter where they are!

With so many options available, restya stands apart from the competition regarding productivity and efficiency. A true powerhouse in every sense of the word, this innovative project management solution helps organizations get more done faster than ever before!



Ganttproject is a powerful open-source project management software that’s like a breath of fresh air for any business. It contains all the features you’d expect from an advanced PMS and then some!

Scheduling tasks

Here are four reasons why the Gantt project stands out:

1) Composite tasks – This feature allows users to break down complex projects into smaller, manageable parts.

2) Cost Management – Easily manage costs associated with each task or overall project budget.

3) Hierarchical Tasks – With hierarchical tasks, it’s easy to set up dependencies between different project elements.

4) Project Status & On-Time Delivery– Keep track of progress on each task and the project’s overall status, ensuring delivery on time every time.

These core features make Gantt project invaluable when managing various projects simultaneously, allowing teams to stay aligned and keep their projects on time without breaking their budgets. All this creates a seamless environment where everyone can collaborate efficiently — much more manageable than manual tracking!



Focalboard is like a goldmine of project management features, providing a central platform for any development team to harness the best current project management software. It’s an online task management tool offering multiple-user support, the perfect solution for teams looking to improve their project coordination and communication.

tools for project management

From tracking progress to assigning tasks, Focalboard helps keep your team organized with its comprehensive project management features. You can easily set responsibility according to skillsets or specializations and track performance over time, so you know where your efforts are bearing fruit.

With this information at your fingertips, you can boost efficiency and ensure every task is remembered from one central location. Not only does Focalboard help improve productivity within teams, but it also provides real-time collaboration tools allowing everyone involved in a project access to the same data.

This makes giving feedback more accessible and ensures everyone stays up-to-date without jumping through hoops. Allowing users to focus more on completing tasks rather than chasing down coworkers for updates will save precious time while ensuring every job is done correctly, killing repetitive tasks.

To sum it up, Focalboard provides teams with an effective way of managing their projects by offering them visibility and control over the entire process without getting bogged down in tedious paperwork or complicated spreadsheets.

By connecting people across departments, Focalboard allows organizations large and small alike to stay ahead of the curve when managing operations efficiently – setting you up for success now and into the future. So with these benefits firmly established, let’s look at ERPNext.



ERPNext is the ultimate open-source project software! It’s like having a superpower for your business – ERPNext offers an unprecedented suite of features unrivaled by any other solution. From enterprise resource planning to online community-driven management tools and private projects, this powerful platform has it all:

project scheduling

1. Advanced scheduling capabilities with Gantt chart

2. comprehensive budgeting and cost projections

3. Robust task-tracking options

4. Support for Microsoft Project, Odoo Project, and more! When you use ERPNext as your go-to project management tool, you’ll be able to work smarter, faster, and better than ever before – without sacrificing performance or productivity.

Plus, because it’s open source, no hidden fees or licensing costs are associated with using the platform. With many advantages over traditional solutions, ERPNext is the clear choice for businesses looking to optimize their functions in 2023 and beyond.

Thanks to its comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface, taking control of your team’s projects has never been easier – making ERPNext the perfect solution for busy professionals everywhere. And with seamless integration into existing systems and applications, it’s easy to get up and run quickly.



Taskcafe is a powerful project software designed to help app development projects run more smoothly. It provides an intuitive, familiar user interface that allows teams to manage their developments easily. With its comprehensive communication tools and digital platforms, it helps create efficient workflows between different departments like DevOps or design.

The platform also integrates seamlessly into existing development environments so users can get up and running quickly. Plus, it’s backed by one of the best open-source licenses available—Apache 2.0—so you can know your data always remains secure. All this combines to make Taskcafe an ideal choice for managing any project in today’s ever-evolving world of technology.

Taskcafe has become a go-to solution for many companies looking for an easy way to streamline their workflow from start to finish – delivering top results without compromising security or reliability along the way. And as we move toward Twake.



Twake is an open-source project software over 2,000 businesses have used since its launch in 2018. It offers comprehensive features, including cloud edition, continuous integration, and product development capabilities to help teams manage business requirements more efficiently.

unlimited projects

Here’s a list of the standard features Twake provides:

  1. Cloud Edition – Allows users to access their data from anywhere with secure cloud hosting services.
  2. Common Features – Includes task boards, Gantt charts, real-time collaboration tools, and customizable workflow automation modules.
  3. Comprehensive List – Offers free and premium plans for projects of any size or complexity.

Whether you need basic task tracking or advanced resource management, Twake can be tailored to your needs. As well as offering powerful integrations with popular third-party applications like Slack and Jira, it enables seamless collaboration between remote team members. This makes it ideal for distributed teams looking for an effective way to stay connected while managing their projects remotely.

With its intuitive UI and robust feature set, Twake is quickly becoming one of the most popular project management solutions today. From small startups to large enterprises, this user-friendly platform has everything needed to ensure the successful execution of any project – regardless of size or complexity.



Wekan is an excellent open-source project management solution for developers and organizations. It’s packed with essential features that make it easy to manage your projects, track tasks, and collaborate with colleagues worldwide. Its audit logs and cost-reporting capabilities give you a complete picture of your team’s performance.

public projects

But what makes Wekan stand out?

First there is no upper restriction on the total number of registered users. That means everyone on your list software can access the same data in real time. If you’re working on complex projects or have multiple development cycles going at any given time.

Secondly, The user interface also allows you to customize views so that each individual has a personalized dashboard that they can use to monitor progress and share updates quickly and easily.

All these features make Wekan an invaluable tool for project managers looking to stay organized and efficient while managing large-scale initiatives.



To get the most out of your projects, use the open-source powerhouse that is ProjectLibre. It’s an all-in-one system for planning, tracking, and managing work – perfect for teams or businesses of any size. With cost savings on enterprise edition features and premium features available at no extra charge, ProjectLibre is an ideal choice when you need a reliable solution without breaking the bank.

resource assignment

What sets ProjectLibre apart from other tools? First, its current status as one of the world’s top open-source project management systems means users can be sure they’re getting a quality product.

Plus, with features like timeline view and task dependencies, ProjectLibre has everything you need to track progress and ensure tasks are completed quickly and accurately. Whether running a small team or managing large-scale operations across multiple teams, this tool offers all the functionality you need in one place – making it the perfect tool for your needs.


Why do Organizations Need Open Source Project Management Software?

Using open-source project management software is essential for businesses today. Without it, they would be missing out on one of the most powerful tools available to help them manage projects more efficiently and effectively!

Open-source project management software provides organizations an open-source version of a popular project management tool that can be customized to fit their needs. Plus, plenty of other open-source tools can enhance their workflow even further.

But why exactly do businesses need open-source project software? It allows teams to collaborate in real time, track progress quickly, and add extra features that aren’t included in the traditional versions of these tools. Companies can access various project management options with open-source project software – from task tracking and budgeting to resource utilization and analytics.

In short, having access to this type of software gives businesses a significant edge over competitors who don’t use it.



Open-source project management software is like a Swiss army knife for businesses. It contains all the tools necessary to manage projects and keep them on track in one convenient package. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution or need something simple, an open-source option can meet your needs.

Redmine, Taskcafe, Twake, Wekan, Orangescrum Open Source, Taiga, and ProjectLibre are among the best for providing quality open-source project management solutions. I’ve used these programs and found they offer tremendous value with features such as task-tracking systems, calendars, milestones, messaging boards, and more.

Suppose you want to get serious about managing projects effectively. In that case, I suggest picking up one of these powerful open-source options. The right choice will save you time, money, and hassle while giving you peace of mind knowing that your projects are securely managed and tracked from start to finish.

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