12 Best Microsoft Teams Apps For Project Management

In project management, Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools for teams to stay organized, communicate effectively, and collaborate on projects. With over 500 million active users monthly, Microsoft Teams has become a powerful force in business productivity. But with so many features packed into this platform, it can take time to figure out which apps best suit your team’s needs. To simplify things, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best Microsoft teams apps for project management you should consider using for your next project.

From task tracking to mind maps and file-sharing capabilities, these 14 apps will help you manage any project efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re looking to streamline communication or create an interactive workspace within your team, these apps have everything you need to get started – all without breaking the bank!

And if that needed to be more, each app offers customizable options and integrations with other services like Dropbox and Trello. So no matter what project you’re working on, there’s sure to be something here for everyone.


What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a revolutionary tool transforming project management as we know it! It has changed the way teams collaborate by creating an entirely new environment for them to work in. With Microsoft Teams, you have everything from customizable project templates and lists of tasks to a streamlined collaboration tool at your fingertips.

This fantastic platform does more than make communication more accessible; it also helps improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Microsoft project Teams gives users unprecedented control over their projects with functionalities like automated task assignment, real-time access to shared documents, chatbots, and video conferencing capabilities.

Its intuitive user interface makes navigation straightforward so that anyone can use it without difficulty or training. In short, this tool can help users take their productivity levels sky-high!


How Can Microsoft Teams Help With Project Management?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful project management tool that can help agile teams keep track of their projects. It’s an incredible task creation and tracking app for busy professionals who must stay on top of the details. With Project For The Web, users can easily assign tasks, prioritize activities in the backlog, create sprints, and monitor progress quickly.

Plus, with its intuitive user interface, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to manage multiple projects simultaneously—so you’ll never feel overwhelmed by too much on your plate. You can also integrate other apps like Asana into Teamsto further streamline process automation and task delegation.

Plus, numerous third-party add-ons are available so you can customize the experience to fit your team’s specific needs. Transitioning seamlessly from task creation to project tracking has never been easier than with Microsoft Teams—making it one of the best tools for managing complex projects.


Asana App

Asana is like a beacon of hope in the project management space, providing an intuitive solution to simplify task creation and tracking. It’s no wonder that Microsoft Teams users are turning to Asana for its comprehensive task management capabilities.

Teams environment

Here are 4 ways it can help you achieve success:

1) Create tasks with custom fields – Asana allows you to quickly customize your tasks to track progress on any project. Plus, you can create custom workflows to ensure the next steps of your project is completed successfully.

2) Monitor progress with useful dashboards- You can monitor all activities related to a particular project or client with easy-to-use dashboards. This helps save time by eliminating manual data entry and ensuring everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when.

3) Automate notifications – Asana also automates notifications, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting important dates or deadlines. You’ll get notified as soon as something changes, such as when someone adds feedback or assigns a new task.

4) Keep team members organized – Finally, Asana makes it easy for teams of any size to stay organized and collaborate effectively. You can assign tasks, set due dates, attach documents, comment on projects, and more from one platform!

The power of Asana lies in its extensive list of features that allow you to customize your project according to your unique needs. From creating personalized tasks with custom fields and automated notifications to monitoring progress via powerful dashboards – there’s nothing this versatile tool cannot do! To top it off, team members will always be kept up-to-date thanks to centralized organization capabilities – making collaboration smoother. Now let’s see how Trello stacks up.


Trello Overview

If you’re looking for the best project management apps to make your team’s workflow management smoother than ever, it might be time to give Trello the old college try. Yes, I said ‘old’ – anachronism alert! After all, why should modern teams have to settle for anything less than the best in organizing and tracking their tasks?

messaging extensions

Trello is designed with busy teams in mind, providing them with an intuitive platform to manage individual tasks and entire projects easily. The app makes it simple to keep track of team tasks, daily responsibilities, and even long-term assignments. This way, everyone on the team knows what needs to be done and who has been assigned which task. In addition, Trello allows users to quickly establish goals and deadlines so that no one falls behind or gets off course from the project plan.

These features make it easy for teams of any size to stay organized and efficient without wasting valuable time on manual updates or tedious data entry processes. With Trello managing your project tasks, you’ll be able to focus more energy on completing work instead of worrying about how everything is being tracked. Overall, this tool provides an excellent solution for anyone needing help staying focused and productive while working collaboratively on projects.



With over 80,000 customers globally and an average 4.7/5 rating from users, Monday.com is one of the leading project management applications on the market. It’s a tool for businesses to manage their projects, track time, and streamline their process management.

dynamic scheduling

What sets Monday.com apart from other best project management apps? Its user-friendly interface allows teams to easily create custom workflows with visual boards that sync with timelines and calendars. This makes it easy to plan tasks while keeping everyone up-to-date on progress – allowing you always to control your projects’ timelines! Additionally, Monday has automated processes like onboarding so teams can quickly get new members up-to-speed without wasting time getting them acclimated to the system.

Monday also offers excellent features regarding tracking time and managing resources efficiently. With its built-in timer feature and automatic notifications, managers can ensure that no time is wasted while ensuring deadlines are met at every step. All this makes it easier for companies to stay productive while keeping their team organized – helping you achieve success faster than ever!

Overall, Monday is an excellent choice for those looking for comprehensive project management solutions to help them control their workflow and save valuable time. Whether launching a new product or managing ongoing operations, Monday’s features make it easy to keep everything running smoothly.



Creating cross-organizational collaboration and project management is a breeze. ClickUp is the perfect tool for busy professionals. This comprehensive platform offers an impressive array of capabilities to streamline project schedules and keep teams organized with real time updates. With its intuitive UI, this dynamic project management app will have your team working better than ever before!

task management app

ClickUp stands out from other project management methodologies by offering time-tracking features that make it easy to stay on top of progress and powerful integrations with popular productivity tools like Slack and Gmail.

Here are five reasons why you should use ClickUp for managing projects:

  1. Real-time updates: Streamlined communication between team members ensures everyone is continuously informed about changes or new project throughout the process.
  2. Cross-organization collaboration: The ability to collaborate across multiple organizations means no one gets left behind during significant projects.
  3. Robust task lists: Keep track of all tasks assigned to each team member so nothing falls through the cracks.
  4. Time Tracking Features: Easily monitor how long tasks take and adjust deadlines accordingly.
  5. Intuitive User Interface: Easy navigation makes it simple for users to find what they need quickly without having to search around too much.

From small business owners looking for efficient ways to manage their day-to-day operations to larger companies wanting more robust solutions, ClickUp has something for everyone when it comes to organizing projects and staying ahead of deadlines. No matter what type of project you’re attempting, ClickUp provides both agile methodology support and customizable views so you can tailor your workflow exactly how you want it—transitioning into Smartsheet now.



Smartsheet is like an online project management Swiss Army knife; it’s a powerful tool with a convenient feature for nearly any task. It is one of the best Teams apps to help teams with their projects. Its features are perfect for today’s tech-savvy project managers. Smartsheet allows users to track and manage tasks in real-time while giving them control over who can access information.

track of tasks

With advanced sharing capabilities, team members can easily collaborate on projects from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, this software provides excellent reporting tools that give project managers greater insight into how things are progressing and where improvements need to be made.

With powerful automation options, an incredibly intuitive user interface & design experience, and unparalleled integration possibilities for other platforms such as Slack or Google Docs – Smartsheet is an excellent choice for online project management software for your team projects! You’ll find no shortage of useful features that will make managing projects more manageable than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced collaboration abilities between remote team or want more comprehensive analytics reports, Smartsheet has everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Smartsheet provides all the tools modern-day project managers need to focus more on getting results rather than worrying about tedious details. By leveraging these powerful yet easy-to-use features of Smartsheet, teams can maximize productivity while working smarter instead of harder.



Jira is a popular project management tool used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide. It’s known for quickly aligning teams channel with task lists and activity menus. Jira Software allows users to manage projects effectively through kanban boards, sprints, and reports. Its premium plans offer additional features like advanced security settings and customized workflows.

project timelines

Jira Align allows users to connect their strategies straight from the executive level to individual tasks. This helps everyone involved in a project stay connected and organized without constantly checking in or asking questions about what needs to be done next. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to access your projects right from within the chat interface. The Activity Menu gives you visibility into who’s doing what while providing real-time updates on progress — ideal when managing large-scale projects across multiple teams and disciplines.

Whether it’s keeping track of long-term goals or short-term objectives, Jira provides a smooth the way for teams to collaborate efficiently on any project – helping them reach success faster and transition into the subsequent section.



Hive is an impressive project management tool that has been used by over 5 million teams worldwide. The app offers a range of features designed to help project managers, small groups, and individuals easily keep track of their projects. With Hive, users can access real-time status updates on all tasks assigned to different team members – allowing for complete oversight of the entire project from one convenient location.

Teams messages

Hive also allows individual teams to track their progress in detail, ensuring no task falls through the cracks. In addition, it provides an overview of each team member’s workload so that project managers can get an accurate picture of every aspect of their project at once. Furthermore, the interactive hive feature lets users easily visualize the progress of specific tasks or the entire project.

Overall, Hive is a powerful yet user-friendly tool that simplifies managing large projects. From tracking milestones to assigning tasks to update statuses – this intuitive platform brings order and clarity into any organization’s workflow process. By providing detailed insights into each step along the way, Hive ensures everyone stays up-to-date and on target with their objectives – essential for successful projects in today’s world.



Are you looking for the best Microsoft Teams app to help manage complex projects? Look no further than Klaxoon, an online project management tool that allows teams to work together better. This versatile business app enables users to create boards from scratch and track progress through an overview of tasks.

collaboration environment


Klaxoon allows teams to easily collaborate on various projects with its premium feature – marking each task as completed once it is finished. It also has a powerful search engine and intuitive navigation features, making it easy to find what you need quickly. The platform can be used across multiple devices, allowing team members to stay connected even when they are away from their desks.

What’s more, Klaxoon has reporting tools that provide valuable insights into the status of projects or any performance issues within the team. This data allows managers to respond swiftly and accurately if project-related roadblocks occur. Using these features, managers can ensure that all goals are met on time and efficiently resolve any issues before they become significant problems.


Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a robust tool for managing individual projects or groups of them in one place. It allows users to customize their view according to each project’s needs, giving more clarity into specific tasks related to time tracking, budgeting, etc.

collaboration platform

Plus, its different project types make sure everyone has all the information they need on hand – no matter what kind of project they’re working on. It enables precise project monitoring so managers can quickly identify any issues that may arise while ensuring that goals are met on time and within budget.

In short, if you want an app that provides everything needed to keep your team organized and efficient throughout any project lifecycle – from start to finish – then Zoho Projects is worth considering as part of your project management suite and moving forward seamlessly without missing a beat!



Do you want to take your project management to the next level? Then look no further than Github—the perfect tool for managing unlimited projects and custom apps. Its space tab, Exchange Online, and Apps in Teams features make it easy to see why so many people are turning towards this powerful platform.

custom dashboards

The possibilities with Github’s Power Virtual Agents are virtually endless. These cutting-edge tools simplify complex tasks, from streamlining workflows to automating processes. And since GitHub supports teamwork of any size, you can quickly scale up or down as needed without worrying about user fees or limits.

GitHub also offers a robust suite of services that provide everything from code reviews to bug tracking—allowing you to stay on top of every detail within each project. Plus, since there is no limit on the number of projects you can manage at once, it’s the perfect solution for busy teams who need an efficient way to collaborate across multiple initiatives—transitioning now into Meistertask.



Meistertask is a frontrunner in project management tools – and for a good reason. It has everything you need to take your team collaboration to the next level, regardless of their experience with project management. With its task views, personal board, mobile expertise, frontline app experience, notifications for activity, and more, it’s easy to see why Meistertask stands out.

Shared plans

The best part? You can be an expert user of project management software to get the most out of Meistertask. Its intuitive design makes it both beginner-friendly and powerful enough for experienced users who may already have standardized workflows established.

Plus, compared to other platforms like Microsoft Teams or Miro (which we’ll talk about next), Meistertask offers one of the most comprehensive suites of features available today. As such, it’s become a go-to solution for many teams looking to organize and track projects quickly and easily.



As the saying goes, two heads are better than one; It is a must-have app for team project management. This collaborative whiteboard platform makes collaboration simple by allowing users to create digital canvases that can be used for anything from organizing projects to planning events. With team templates, private channels, channel tabs, and more at their disposal, users have all they need to manage any project effectively.

time management

When it comes to apps for project management on Microsoft Teams, Miro offers an array of features:

1) A customizable canvas workspace – perfect for brainstorming ideas with colleagues or visualizing complex projects
2) An extensive library of content featuring images, videos, and graphs
3) Private channels, so conversations stay within your teams’ walls
4) Channel tabs where you can store documents or links related to specific tasks

Miro eliminates the tediousness associated with project management and allows teams to focus on what matters – completing tasks efficiently. Whether you’re looking for ways to boost productivity or want an easy way to collaborate remotely, Miro is a great choice.

Not only does it make managing projects more accessible, but its interactive design also creates an engaging environment that encourages creativity in the workplace.


As project managers, we face a unique challenge: managing our teams efficiently and effectively. Microsoft Teams is the perfect solution for this problem, offering an array of powerful apps dedicated to project management. You have many options from Asana and Trello to Monday.com and Zoho Projects.

But here’s the thing: when it comes down to it, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing projects with Microsoft Teams. You need to tailor your app selection according to the specific needs of your team and project. For example, suppose you’re dealing with complex projects that involve multiple stakeholders. GitHub or MeisterTask might be better suited than Miro or Trello. It all depends on what works best for you and your team!

Ultimately, leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams allows us as project managers to stay informed about our projects while keeping our teams connected at all times. With these 12 best Microsoft teams apps for project management, nothing stops us from tackling any challenge that may arise!

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