The Best Email Outreach Software: 13 Top Picks

Do you want to increase your outreach and grow your business? An effective email outreach strategy is the key. So, what are the best email outreach software for that purpose?

The answer: The top email outreach software. These programs will help you build customer relationships, reach new contacts, track responses, personalize messages, and more.

If you’re ready to take your email outreach game to the next level, buckle up – this article has all the information you need. We’ll show you how each of these pieces of software works and explain why they’re among the best on the market today. You’ll discover additional features like automation capabilities, analytics tracking, message customization options, and more! With this guide, it’s time to start mastering email outreach.


What Is Email Outreach?

Email outreach is a compelling way to reach out and connect with potential customers or clients. It involves sending personalized messages that provide value to the recipient and aim to achieve a business goal, such as lead generation, link building, promoting content or products, and following up with prospects.

Here are four critical elements of successful email outreach:

1. Crafting compelling and unique subject lines.
2. Writing using language that resonates with the reader.
3. Personalize your message for each recipient.
4. Provide value in each message you send.

Email outreach can build relationships, create connections, and generate leads correctly. So if you want to make the most of your marketing efforts, try email outreach!


What To Look For In Outreach Email Software?

When searching for personalized outreach email software, there is numerous advanced feature to consider. Here are some of the must-haves:

  1. Personalization: The software should allow you to customize your emails with names, company information, and other personal details. This can help make your messages more impactful, ensuring they stand out in crowded inboxes.
  2. Segmentation: Segmentation is key when it comes to outreach. The software should enable you to divide your contacts according to industry, job title, location, and other criteria. This will help you create targeted messaging that resonates with each group.
  3. Automation: Automation features make organizing and scheduling emails, follow-ups, and other outreach activities easy. This can save time and ensure consistent efforts.
  4. Tracking & Analytics: These tools let you measure success by monitoring open rates, click-throughs, and other metrics. This data can be invaluable for optimizing campaigns and improving results.
  5. Deliverability: Good deliverability is essential if you want your emails to reach their destination. Ensure the software has a high deliverability rate and follows best practices to avoid getting flagged as spam.
  6. Integration: Integration with other platforms like CRM systems or marketing automation software can streamline your outreach processes.
  7. User Interface: Finally, the user interface should be easy to use and allow you to create and send emails quickly and efficiently – no one wants to be bogged down by complicated menus and settings.

Overall, an effective outreach email software should have all these features – think of them like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly to form a powerful tool. With the right solution, you’ll be able to craft compelling messages that connect with your target audience like never before.


Price List:


Email Outreach SoftwareStarting Price Per Month
Hunter Campaigns$49


Hunter Campaigns

Hunter Campaigns is an email outreach software that helps you easily send personalized, automated follow-up emails. It’s a great cold email software solution for contacting and building relationships with a cold prospect.

sales process

Here are some of the ways Hunter Campaigns can help you get better results from your email outreach:

Find targeted contacts: Use the powerful search engine to find relevant contact information quickly and easily. You can also use their API feature to integrate with tools like Salesforce or Zapier.

Craft effective messages: Its intuitive drag & drop editor creates beautiful, professional-looking emails in minutes. Plus, it has built-in automation, so you don’t have to follow up on each message sent manually.

Track performance: Monitor your campaigns closely by email tracking opens, clicks, bounces, and more. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition and ensure your emails reach the right people at the right time.

Hunter Campaigns is invaluable for growing your small business through successful cold emailing strategies. It streamlines all aspects of creating and sending high-impact emails while saving time and energy – giving you more opportunities to focus on what matters – closing deals!




Mailshake is like a conductor wielding an orchestra of email marketing tools, each playing its part in helping you to achieve your objectives. Mailshake guarantees email deliverability and email warmup so that every note of your cold email outreach campaigns will reach their intended recipient’s inbox.

email sequences

The user-friendly interface makes it stand out from other email outreach software. It’s easy to understand and use – even if you need to be tech-savvy! You have many options for designing and launching your campaign, including setting up campaigns with email templates or creating custom emails from scratch.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about automated responses; Mailshake automatically detects them and pauses sending until they stop coming in. All this combined makes Mailshake the perfect cold email outreach tool for anyone who wants to launch successful email campaigns without any hassle quickly.



Lemlist is an email software that stands out for its automation capabilities and easy setup. It helps you optimize your cold outreach campaigns, allowing you to create highly personalized emails at scale by automatically personalizing the subject line, message body, and contact information.

email subject

This innovative tool makes it easy to manage multiple email account in one place, so you can quickly sync up your contacts’ email lists while keeping tabs on who gets what messages.

Plus, Lemlist has a variety of integrations with other services, such as Zapier and Salesforce, so that you can streamline the entire process from start to finish.

With automated tracking tools like open-rate monitoring and link click tracking, you’ll always know which outreach emails get the most engagement.

This way, you can quickly identify where improvements need to be made or double down on strategies that work well. In short, Lemlist provides everything you need to craft effective outreach emails to get maximum ROI from each campaign.



Do you want to increase your email marketing efforts exponentially? is an email software that helps you to reach out to leads via cold emails and personalized messages, with a higher reply rate than other email service providers.

emails per day offers features such as an email finder tool that allows users to search for contact information within LinkedIn profiles and websites, allowing them to create lists of prospects they can target quickly.

Additionally, its auto follow-up feature enables automated resending of the same message after a certain period if there is no response.

The software also has open tracking capabilities that allow users to know when their emails are opened by recipients, helping them measure recipient engagement and plan further actions accordingly.

The platform’s data dashboard provides insights at every step of the process – from building prospect list sizes, sending campaigns using advanced personalization techniques, monitoring user activities on emails sent through the system, and providing valuable feedback about open rates and click-throughs; all are culminating in better lead generation results. All these features make one of the best solutions for effective email outreach today.



The following email outreach software we’ll discuss is Yesware. This cold-email tool can help you streamline your sales team’s process with its robust tracking, personalization, and data features. Plus, it comes with a free trial, so you can test the platform before using it for long-term campaigns.

outreach process

Here are 5 ways that Yesware can improve your cold outreach emails:

  1. Take advantage of automated follow-up emails for any contact who hasn’t responded yet
  2. Use personalized templates to make sure each message is unique and engaging
  3. Gain insight into how many people open or click on links in an email by tracking metrics
  4. Track performance over time to determine which strategies work best
  5. Integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce or HubSpot to keep track of leads easily

Yesware has everything you need to run efficient and effective cold email campaigns. It allows users to send messages quickly while providing detailed insights about their performance.

With this helpful information, sales teams can optimize their outreach strategies and maximize their success rate through better segmentation and targeting.



SmartReach is an innovative cold email tool that makes the reaching process simple and efficient. A staggering 80% of all B2B marketers use it, making it one of the most popular tools. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate features, SmartReach simplifies a cumbersome task: creating effective cold emails with eye-catching subject lines.

sales outreach

The platform provides access to hundreds of customizable templates to increase open rates. Its powerful engine sends personalized messages at scale, so you can easily send up to 10K monthly emails while tracking results in real-time.

You also can automate follow-ups based on user response data, enabling you to maximize your success rate without having to intervene manually. There’s no doubt that SmartReach is a comprehensive solution for any business looking to streamline its cold email strategy.



Next, we have SalesHandy. It’s an email outreach software that offers powerful features to help you with your sales engagement efforts. With this platform, you can easily create and send personalized bulk emails as part of an outreach campaign.

cold email templates

It provides comprehensive tracking to automatically follow-up on each message’s success. Moreover, it also allows you to add team members to collaborate on campaigns.

SalesHandy’s free plan gives users access to its features, such as all-inclusive analytics, signature branding, and auto follow-ups for better-reaching efforts.

You also get real-time notifications about opens and clicks from your contacts directly within the app. There are no limits or restrictions when sending messages through SalesHandy—you can reach out to any number of people whenever needed!


Reply.Io is an email outreach software that helps you increase your salespeople’s outreach efforts and maximize the effectiveness of your contact lists. It offers automated follow-ups, allowing you to send up to 1000 emails daily while maintaining a personalized touch in each one. Here’s what can do for you:

email personalization

1. Quickly build prospect lists with advanced filters;

2. Automatically segment contacts into different categories;

3. Send emails tailored to every lead or customer’s needs.

These features make it easier to customize your outreach email campaign, reach out to potential clients, engage existing ones, and track performance on all of them simultaneously.

With its intuitive user interface, streamlined workflows, and real-time report dashboard, ensures you take advantage of all opportunities when generating leads from your contact list.

What’s more – it lets you set up custom triggers based on events like opens or clicks so that you always remember significant prospects again! So if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your email outreach campaigns effectively, then is perfect!



Next up is Klenty. It’s the best cold email outreach tool that helps you find professional email addresses, bulk sends emails, and track real-time responses with its sales automation features.

social media platforms

Klenty has powerful tools to help you get the best out of your cold campaigns – from finding verified leads across multiple sources (including LinkedIn) to personalized outreach templates that increase response rates by as much as 30%.

Plus, it has advanced spam filter rules, so you can be sure any messages sent through the platform are delivered right into inboxes.

You also get a detailed report on recipient engagement, A/B testing functionality for optimizing subject lines and content, integration with Salesforce and other CRM systems, and even automated follow-up reminders. All this makes Klenty one of the top solutions for running successful email outreach campaigns.



The art of closing deals is an age-old practice, and the best email outreach software will take your cold campaigns to the next level. With a list of prospects and tools to analyze response rates, you can easily target customers with contact details to generate positive responses.

outbound emails

Here’s what you need to know about using Close:

  • Monitor leads: Track all conversations between leads and sales reps via automated emails for more effective communication.
  • Get real-time lead engagement updates to take advantage of meaningful opportunities.
  • Analyze data from past campaigns to understand customer behavior patterns better.
  • Automatically assign tasks to team members based on their skill set and availability.
  •  Personalize messages: Send personalized emails tailored to each prospect’s needs.
  • Create templates that can be used across multiple campaigns for consistency and efficiency.
  • Utilize dynamic content blocks to create unique experiences for each recipient.
  • Automate follow-up emails when needed to increase conversions.
  • Measure performance: Analyze your campaigns’ performance by tracking open & click-through rates and other vital metrics such as time spent per message or the number of replies received. This helps you gain insights into which strategies work best and why so you can fine-tune future tactics accordingly.

With Close, you’ll have everything you need to maximize results from your cold email campaigns – detailed analytics, powerful tools, personalization capabilities, and much more! If increasing response rates while reducing manual labor sounds worth exploring further, give Close a try today!



AutoKlose is the best email outreach software for lead generation and sales engagement. It’s a robust platform that allows you to reach out to potential clients without spending too much time on manual work.

cold email outreach software

With AutoKlose, you can easily create highly personalized emails with high open and click-through rates. Plus, it offers comprehensive data to keep track of your progress. And with over 50,000 user per month, there’s no doubt that this software will help boost your business in no time! 

Whether you’re looking for an effective way to find new leads or want to optimize your current sales funnel, AutoKlose is worth considering. It offers all the features you need and comes at an affordable price point – making it one of the most cost-effective sales engagement platform available today. So if you are serious about growing your business and maximizing ROI, AutoKlose should be on your list.



The following best email outreach software to review is Respona. It’s an all-in-one solution that helps businesses automate their outbound sales strategy, which saves time and increases efficiency when prospecting for potential clients. Here are the top features of Respona:

personalized sales emails

Social media outreach: Reach more prospects by easily connecting your social media accounts with the platform for maximum visibility.

Link Building Tool: This tool can streamline link-building efforts that can be used on websites or blogs to increase organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs).

Day Free Trial: Test out the product before committing to a pricing plan so you can decide if it fits your needs without any risk.

Prospective Clients Finder: Quickly identify leads based on various criteria such as industry, location, size, etc.

Pricing Plans: Choose from one of four different plans depending on the level of service desired, ranging from basic starter packages to complete enterprise solutions.

Respona offers an impressive suite of tools designed specifically for outreach purposes across multiple channels. It is ideal for improving customer engagement and managing relationships with existing contacts in one centralized dashboard. With sophisticated capabilities and easy-to-use reporting functions, users can quickly and effectively create powerful campaigns, helping them scale faster than ever.

Plus, they provide 24/7 support if you need assistance during usage. Respona appears well worth checking out if you seek a comprehensive email outreach software solution.



The hustle of cold calling and the monotony of link-building opportunities can all be a distant memory with Woodpecker. This email outreach software takes your potential customers from your spam folder to your inbox.

sales outreach tool

Combining automated follow-ups and personalized touches in one streamlined platform, it’s always been challenging for marketers and sales reps to boost their digital presence without breaking the bank.

Plus, thanks to its easy-to-install chrome extension, users can track email opens and clicks directly from their Gmail inbox.

Woodpecker makes it simple to identify influential contacts, craft effective emails using proven templates, track responses at scale, and even schedule follow-ups so that every customer gets attention when needed.

Its automation capabilities save time while ensuring every opportunity is recovered and remembered. And because it integrates seamlessly into existing workflows – including CRMs like Salesforce – there’s no long learning curve or expensive implementation costs.

A comprehensive yet affordable solution designed specifically for those who want more out of their email outreach efforts. That’s precisely what Woodpecker offers – making it an ideal choice for any business looking to take its marketing campaigns up a notch.


Email outreach is an invaluable asset for any business. It’s a powerful way to reach out and build relationships with customers, partners, and influencers. With the right software, you can ensure that your email campaigns are successful and effective in generating leads and conversions.

The 15 best email outreach software programs we’ve reviewed above offer something unique for everyone. Whether you’re looking for features like auto-follow-ups or advanced analytics tools, there’s undoubtedly one that meets your needs. Hunter Campaigns, Mailshake, Lemlist, Close, AutoKlose, Respona, and Woodpecker all stand out as top options due to their comprehensive feature sets and intuitive user interfaces.

In conclusion, investing in the correct email outreach software program can take your business to the next level – allowing you to create stronger connections with prospects while increasing those vital lead conversion rates. So feel free to explore our list of the best email outreach software solutions and find the perfect fit for you!

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