Top 12 Free Plant Identification App For Android

It’s time to break free from the shackles of not knowing what kind of plants you’re looking at. Thanks to modern technology, you can identify any plant in seconds using one of the free plant identification app for android.

These apps will help you get back in touch with nature and give you an edge over other gardeners. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you’ll be able to quickly learn about different types of flowers, trees, weeds, and more. Plus, they’re all available for free!


How Reliable Are The Plant Identifiers?

Plant identifier apps are an excellent tool for quickly identifying plants and flowers in your garden or backyard. It’s essential to read reviews of the app and the success rate of correctly identifying plants before using it.

Different apps have different features, such as uploading images or manually inputting data. AI-powered plant identification tools use machine learning algorithms to recognize image patterns and deliver results quickly.

However, these apps should only be used partially since incorrect identifications may occur, and it’s essential to research the identified plants before making any decisions.


Best plant identifier for Android

If you want to unlock the power of identifying plants like a pro, these 12 top-notch free Android apps are worth checking out. From simple point-and-click options to comprehensive databases full of helpful information – we’ve got it all covered. So let’s dive in and discover which app is right for you!



Plantnet plant identification is an innovative app that helps people identify and learn more about plants. It offers a comprehensive database of plants, with AI-powered algorithms to match images with known categories and provide detailed descriptions for each one.

library of plants

PlantNet also integrates with Google Lens, allowing users to access info on any plant without launching the actual application.

Here are some standout features that make PlantNet stand out from other similar applications:

1) Plant Species Identification: With accurate recognition rates of over 90%, PlantNet makes identifying unknown plants easier.
2) Plant Diseases Information: The app provides valuable data about common diseases affecting various types of plants so gardeners can better protect their gardens from disease outbreaks.
3) Plant Picture Feature: Any pictures taken via the app are saved into your gallery, which allows you to compare them with previously identified plants and review useful info attached to each plant photo – like local weather conditions at the time taken or altitude level when captured.
4) Google lens Compatibility: By integrating with Google Lens technology, users don’t have to launch the app itself but can instantly gain access to relevant information by just pointing their camera at any particular flower or tree they come across during their walks around nature reserves or parks.
5) Database of Plants: PlantNet’s database contains millions of entries sourced from reliable sources such as Kew Gardens, giving naturalists access to an expansive collection of flower species across all continents.

With these features and much more available in a single package, it’s no wonder PlantNet has become the go-to choice for people looking to quickly and accurately identify plants.


Seek By iNaturalist

It’s a powerful tool that allows users to explore nature with their phones and engage in citizen science projects, all while harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. With Seek, you can identify plants, animals, and other organisms quickly and accurately using its built-in flower identifier or flower checker. Plus, it lets you connect with experts who can help answer any questions.

wild plant

The app uses Google Lens technology to provide results when identifying. You take a picture of your subject and let Seek do the rest! This feature also helps narrow search results, saving time for hundreds of potential matches. Suppose you need more information about your discovery. In that case, Seek will direct you to an online community where people share their observations and knowledge.

In addition to being a great way to learn more about nature, these connections can open up new opportunities for collaboration on nature projects and research initiatives worldwide.



It’s an easy-to-use, powerful tool that can help you identify houseplants quickly and accurately – no matter where you are. And the best part? It’s an entirely free App to use!

plant app

PlantSnap allows users to take a photo of the plant or flower in their environment and get instant results on the type of species. With its advanced recognition technology, it can recognize over 600,000 different categories from around the globe. Plus, it has a massive database of images. You can compare your photos with thousands of other plant images to ensure accurate information about the species.

Here are some more benefits of using PlantSnap:

  1. Get scientific names & detailed info – You’ll get not only the common name but also the scientific name and detailed description of each identified Plant
  2. View local flora – Discover new plants nearby without having to leave home
  3. Save time & money – Identify plants faster than ever before
  4. Keep track of sightings – Easily create a personal library by saving all your findings
  5. Learn something new every day – Be amazed at how many interesting plants there are!

With its vast database, user-friendly UI, and accurate identification capabilities, PlantSnap offers one of the best ways to discover and learn about nature from your mobile device. So if you’re looking for an easy way to explore and identify plants outdoors or want to expand your knowledge base, try this app today – it won’t cost you anything!



LeafSnap is a great app that makes identifying easy and fun. Its powerful plant recognition functions help you identify categories quickly and accurately by using pictures of leaves or flowers – snap a photo of a leaf with your phone’s camera, upload it to the app, and get detailed information about what type of Plant it is.

casual gardener

The app also provides high-resolution photos of each species to double-check that you have identified the right one. LeafSnap includes exciting facts about all its listed species for added educational value.

So if you want to ensure you always correctly identify a plant again, LeafSnap is worth trying! Not only will it save time when trying to figure out what kind of Plant something is, but it’ll also give you helpful information on care reminders for them once they are correctly identified. With this excellent tool, botanical exploration can be informative and enjoyable!



This best App stands out from LeafSnap by offering image recognition technology and artificial intelligence-backed plant recognition functions.

plant identification app choices

PictureThis provides an easy way to identify greenery with its efficient AI engine, trained on over 600,000 images of various plants. It’s powered by a premium AI plant recognition algorithm that can accurately determine the identity of a given flower or shrub within seconds.

Additionally, it features an extensive database of more than 5 million photos that are constantly updated with new information about different categories.

PictureThis also offers other exciting features, such as detailed info sheets on identified plants, expert advice via in-app messaging, customized gardening tips based on location and seasonality, and even fun quizzes where users can test their knowledge of flora. With these unique features and a user-friendly UI, this app makes identifying unknown plants convenient and enjoyable!


Blossom – Plant Care Guides

Blossom is a free identification app for Android that has become popular among casual nurserymen. It offers users instant access to over 20,000 flowers and greenery worldwide. This reliable plant care guide provides detailed descriptions, plus helpful images and videos. This app lets you quickly identify any flower or shrub in your backyard—no matter where you live!

favorite plant identification app

What makes Blossom so valuable? The app allows users to receive customized notifications about when their plants need tending. These timely reminders are great for busy greenskeepers who only sometimes have time to monitor their gardens daily.

Additionally, it gives expert advice on how best to nurture each breed with tailored water, light, and nutrient requirements. For those looking for more than just information about plants, Blossom also offers dozens of helpful tips that will give even novice greenskeeper confidence in caring for any greenery.


NatureID – Plant Identification

This user-friendly mobile app makes it easy to identify greenery worldwide by simply photographing them. It has an extensive library of over 3000 species and varieties. The app also allows you to search for specific kinds of plant life based on their scientific or common names.

ornamental plants

NatureID’s advanced artificial intelligence technology quickly identifies plants in real-time using its image recognition program. Its intuitive interface lets you browse its vast herbs database by type or region. It also shows detailed information about each one’s characteristics, such as family, genus, breed name, and more.

All these features make NatureID one of the most comprehensive android plant identifier applications available today – perfect for any gardener looking to explore different types and species of plants.


Flora Incognita

This fantastic, user-friendly app is guaranteed to quickly and accurately identify any unknown plants you might come across.

plant care tips

It’s great for identifying known and wild herbs that need to be documented. By simply taking a photo with the built-in camera on your phone or tablet,  Incognita can help you gain insight into what type of Plant it is. You’ll get detailed information about its characteristics to learn more about the flora around you.

Plus, if multiple options are available based on the image provided, all potential matches will be listed–allowing you to make an informed decision regarding Plant identification.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves learning about nature and exploring new areas, this app is for you! With its comprehensive database and easy-to-use interface, Incognita makes figuring out what kind of Plant is growing in your backyard easier.

So why wait? Download this incredible plant identification tool today and start discovering new herbs immediately!


Iplant – Plant Identifier

Are you a plant parent looking for ways to identify nearby plants? iPlant – Plant Identifier is the perfect app for you. This free Android-based app makes it easy to identify weeds, trees, flowers, and more worldwide. Its simple yet effective technology allows users to get accurate results with just one photo of any unidentified plant they have encountered in their travels or at home.

popular plant identification apps

This helpful tool provides detailed information about various species and features an extensive community of plant lovers who share tips and tricks on caring for each breed.

Additionally, its integration with Google Lens and Search helps make the identification process more accessible than ever! With its user-friendly interface and reliable search engine, iPlant – Plant Identifier has become a must-have app among many plant enthusiasts worldwide.

So if you’re interested in learning more about the natural environment or want to recognize your favorite wildflowers wherever you go, give iPlant – Plant Identifier a try today!


Plant Identification ++

This App features an extensive database of over 800 categories and can accurately match plants to their scientific name. Even better, it identifies issues with your garden plants – from overcrowding to soil quality or potential disease identifiers. This range of knowledge makes this app invaluable for any gardener looking for assistance with their greenery.

community of plant enthusiasts

Beyond identifying herbs and diagnosing problems, Plant Identification ++ comes packed with additional helpful features. You’ll be able to view detailed images of each plant category and receive advice on how best to care for them.

You can access even more information, such as growth rate and sun requirements. These are all valuable data when caring for a garden full of various types of plants. All these features combine to create one comprehensive package capable of helping anyone become a green-fingered expert!



The National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Sciences collaborated to create this impressive Android app. It’s also used by nurserymen and other nature enthusiasts who want to share their observations or participate in various projects hosted on the platform. 

observations of plants

Here are three of its best features:

  1. Plant recognition function – With this feature, users can take photos of plants and upload them on the app. The AI-powered system will then give an accurate description based on shape, size, color, etc.
  2. Gardeners forum – Here, experienced greenskeepers discuss topics related to gardening and offer advice if needed. Users can join conversations or even start one themselves!
  3. Nature projects – iNaturalist allows users to get involved in different research projects, such as bird watching or tracking invasive categories. Participating in these projects helps promote conservation efforts around the globe.

In addition to being free to use, iNaturalist offers excellent customer support so that any questions about using it are quickly answered. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in exploring nature and discovering new things about herbs without leaving your home.


Google Lens

It is a revolutionary best plant identification app for Android users. It’s like having your botanist in your pocket! With its easy-to-use interface, you can snap a picture of any plant or flower and get an instant ID and gardening tips tailored to that particular species.

plant recognition apps

You can even use the premium subscription to measure light levels with a built-in light meter and access social networks for more detailed plant information.

The best part? It’s completely free! Google Lens is one of the most comprehensive ways to identify weeds from your phone.


Benefits Of Using Plant Identification Apps

Using Plant Identification Apps can be beneficial in various ways, for example.

1) Identify Plants: Plant identification apps are great for quickly and accurately identifying plants, trees, and flowers. With just a few clicks, you can get expert advice from horticulturists and botanists to determine precisely what type of plant it is and learn more about it.

2) Know More About A Plant: An identification app can give insight into a particular plant species’ specific characteristics, growth cycle, and history. This lets you understand how best to care for your garden or farm.

3) Treat Infections & Pests: The app will help you diagnose plant diseases and pests and offer solutions for treating infection and eliminating weeds and other strange plants.

4) Expert Advice: Plant specialists will advise cultivating healthy, vibrant herbs. They can also assist you with picking out the right fertilizer and soil types to ensure optimal growth.

Additional features like tracking local sun exposure times and monitoring daily light levels can help a successful greenskeeper. Plant lovers can explore new flowers and gain further insight into native species with the help of these handy smartphone applications. There is no limit to how far your green thumb will take you with the right app!

Overall, Plant Identification Apps give people access to helpful information that can help them grow beautiful herbs and maintain a healthy garden.


In conclusion, plant identification apps can benefit anyone interested in learning more about herbs and their characteristics. They offer an easy way to quickly, accurately, and conveniently identify various categories. With the right app, you can unleash your inner botanist with just a few taps on your phone.

These apps are like having a naturalist at your fingertips – they provide detailed information that is often hard to find elsewhere. Whether it’s PlantNet, Seek by iNaturalist, PlantSnap, iPlant – Plant Identifier, Plant Identification ++, iNaturalist, or Google Lens – these free versions give users access to reliable resources without spending too much money.

Overall, using one of these plant identification apps will help you gain insight into the world around us and connect with nature like never before. It’s as if you have acquired a superpower—the ability to recognize any plant across your path quickly!

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