Faxing On The Go: The Best Free Fax App For Mac in 2023

As digital communication becomes increasingly essential, faxing becomes the go-to for sending and receiving documents. Finding the best free fax app for Mac can be challenging with so many options. But don’t worry! This article comprehensively lists nine top-rated, user-friendly, and intuitive apps.

Using these apps, you’ll find that sending and receiving faxes takes only a few clicks, while they also offer security features plus automated document management systems. So no matter what your needs are – simple or more advanced – this list has an app for you. No more aimless searching; pick one from here and return to work!


Does Mac Have A Fax App?

The short answer is yes. If you’re looking for a free faxing solution for your Mac, look no further. With the right tools and fax software, you can easily send and receive faxes from any device with an ethernet connection.

Several options are available for finding the best fax app for Macs. Many apps provide features such as creating custom cover sheets, filling out message fields, using built-in modems, and more.

Plus, they often come with additional features like multi-language support or scanning capabilities that make them even more convenient. This makes them worth considering if you need reliable faxing abilities on your Mac computer.


Top Free Fax App For Mac

For those who want to take their communications to new heights without spending money, we’ve gathered all the information needed to decide which fax app for Mac is right for them. So get ready for some serious productivity gains – let’s dive into our guide to the best fax apps for Mac!



FaxZero is a free app for Mac that allows you to send documents directly from your computer. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep in touch with people who can’t access the net or can’t receive emails.

business via fax

This app offers a flexible fax service to send PDF files and scanned images from your mobile phone or other electronic devices. You also have the option to attach additional details, such as cover pages and priority messages.

Here are five reasons why FaxZero is excellent: –

  • Easy-to-use interface – Send unlimited amounts of documents daily
  • No need for a physical fax machine – Receive replies via the email address
  • Compatible with all online services

For those who want to quickly and securely share essential data without spending too much time on setup, FaxZero is worth considering.

It offers excellent customer support, ensuring users can quickly troubleshoot issues. All in all, FaxZero is an efficient and cost-effective solution for sending digital information when needed.

Pricing: Free 5 Faxes/Per Day/, Premium Cost $2.09



Gone are when one had to lug a bulky fax machine around. PamFax is an ideal solution for those looking for a free, easy-to-use app that allows them to send and receive faxes from their Macs.

ad-supported fax service

The mobile app has plenty of features, such as the ability to add incoming faxes to your address book easily, track sent documents, and even access advanced settings like setting up custom cover pages – all without any monthly cost.

For more extensive needs, there are also premium plans available that offer additional services such as higher-resolution images and increased storage space.

Furthermore, users can set automated follow-up reminders or notifications if they’re waiting on essential documents. With its simple yet intuitive design and excellent feature set, PamFax makes it easier to stay connected no matter where you are.

Pricing: Starts from $0.10, Pro Plan $ 6.63 Per/Month, and the page will cost $0.07



Moving on from PamFax, HelloFax is another top-notch fax app for Mac. This versatile tool allows you to send and receive faxes quickly and easily. It even lets you add unlimited users to your team messaging system so everyone can stay in sync with their workloads.

convenient fax features

HelloFax offers several great features:

1. Cocofax Add-in. You can use the Cocofax add-in to send a fax through your email without logging into the web browser or application.

2. Team Messaging – The ability to add an unlimited number of users makes it easy to collaborate on projects while keeping everything organized and efficient.

3. Send Faxes For Free – With HelloFax, you can send up to 5 pages per month for free! Plus, if you need more than five pages, they offer competitively priced plans much cheaper than traditional faxing services.

HelloFax is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to manage their Mac’s faxing needs. Whether you’re working solo or as part of a team, this app has all the tools for quick and easy transmission of any document via fax from your Mac device.

Pricing: 5 Free Pages; Pro starts from $9.99 with 300+ pages



GotFreeFax is a good option for Mac users looking for a reliable fax app. It’s compatible with Windows Fax and Google Docs, making sending documents from any device easy.

fax cover sheets

Plus, the cover page feature makes sending multiple documents quick and simple. And if you need your document sent quickly, GotFreeFax offers priority delivery at no extra cost!

The setup process is fast and straightforward, too – sign up online and start sending in minutes. Best of all? There’s no setup fee, so you can begin immediately without spending anything.

So there you have it: GotFreeFax is an excellent choice for Mac users who want to save time and money when sending faxes. With its compatibility across devices, cover page features, priority delivery options, and zero setup fee – this powerful tool has everything you need to stay productive on the go.

Pricing: 2 Free Faxes Daily; Pro Starts from $0.98 with ten pages



FaxBetterFree is an incredible tool for Mac users who need to send faxes. It’s straightforward to use, with a user interface that makes it simple and quick to start. Like a lighthouse at night, FaxBetterFree illuminates your path towards seamless faxing with its intuitive design.

occasional faxing

With powerful features like built-in team messaging, cloud services integration, digital signature functionality, unlimited faxes sent directly to your email inbox, and even a toll-free fax number – you’ll be hard-pressed not to find everything you need right here!

Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience sending faxes, FaxBetterFree has something special for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for superior convenience thanks to their streamlined dashboard full of helpful shortcuts and tips or want access to their library of informative resources, FaxBetterFree should be your go-to choice when sending those crucial documents over the airwaves. For unparalleled ease of use and value for money, look no further than FaxBetterFree!

Pricing: Pro Starts from $5.95/month



iFax is a free app for Mac users that offers a highly convenient and robust set of features. It’s the perfect solution for individuals or businesses looking to send outgoing faxes without the hassle of traditional online faxing solutions.

faxes per month

The basic plan includes up to 20 outgoing pages per month. In contrast, more advanced plans offer unlimited digital faxing without limits on how many documents you can send or receive. You’ll also find several other valuable features, such as:

  • The ability to add electronic signatures to your incoming and outgoing documents
  • A mobile app for sending and receiving faxes on the go
  • Automated tracking. Hence, you know when your document has been successfully sent out.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to stay connected with customers or need something more comprehensive for managing large volumes of incoming and outgoing documents, iFax provides all the necessary tools in one convenient package. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to start immediately – no technical knowledge is required!

Pricing: 5 Pages Free, Pro starts from $19.99 /mo/500 pages.



Moving on from iFax, eFax is another excellent mac app. It’s a great option if you need to send international faxes and want access to features like cloud syncing of your fax messages. With the free trial, you get one incoming number that can be used to receive up to 25 pages per month. You don’t have to enter the credit card information, making it easy and secure.

electronic signature feature

eFax also has an excellent customer service team who are always available should you run into any issues while using the app. In addition, their’ Business Communication Suite’ gives users extra features such as email integration and document storage options – perfect for those working in corporate settings.

Overall, eFax makes sending and receiving faxes both simple and reliable. Their robust feature set makes this application ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive communication solution without spending a dime!

Pricing: Pro Starts at $18.99/mo/170 pages



RingCentral is an excellent choice for the best fax app for Mac. It offers a free MVP version, allowing you to make and receive calls with up to five people, share files, and even send faxes with a custom cover sheet.

international faxing

With RingCentral Video Pro, you can also enable video conferencing capabilities. Suppose your needs require more than what’s offered in the free version. In that case, affordable subscription plans allow you to add extra features like audio recordings and call forwarding. The rates vary depending on how many users will use the service, but they’re reasonable overall.

In short, if you need a reliable way of sending or receiving faxes from your Mac without breaking the bank, then RingCentral is worth considering; you can download it from the MAC App Store for free.

Pricing: $17.99/month/1500 faxes



Transitioning to the next best fax app for Mac, Cocofax offers a robust suite of features, making it one of the top contenders in this arena. It’s designed primarily with Mac users in mind and has all the bells and whistles they need.

faxes per day

Cocofax supports built-in or USB fax modem connections from your cell phone or computer. You can customize cover page templates to create professional-looking documents quickly and easily.

Plus, you can add custom fields like recipients’ names, company names, and more on each cover page. This makes sure your important documents are always sent out looking their best.

You also get access to an integrated telephone line input, so you don’t need any additional hardware other than what is already available on your Mac device. The service even provides customizable fax cover letter templates that allow you to articulate information, such as who is sending the document and why it’s being sent.

With these incredible features at no cost, Cocofax is worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable free fax app for Mac computers.

Pricing: $ 4.99/ Month/ 60 pages/month


How To Send Fax From Mac?

The easiest way is to use an online fax service. Many of these best online fax services allow users to upload documents for transmission or even scan and print directly through their platform with the help of a fax modem connected to the computer.

You can also connect your mobile device (Android & MacOS) and access all its features to handle incoming and outgoing faxes without hassle efficiently.

In addition, many friendly interfaces enable Mac users to quickly upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and other cloud storage accounts before transmitting them via the Internet.

Plus, most subscription plans come with unlimited transmissions, so you won’t need to worry about running out of pages during peak season! This method doesn’t require additional hardware like traditional landlines, making it more convenient.

No matter your choice, sending a fax from a Mac is easy and fast. All you need is an internet connection and basic knowledge of using your chosen software—and off you go!

No wonder more people are turning away from the old methods of using conventional phone lines since modern technology has simplified everything. So get started today and see what benefits you can enjoy when sending digital documents instead of paper ones!



We’ve just taken a deep dive into the free fax apps for Mac. Now, deciding which is suitable for your needs is up to you.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution with all the features needed to send and receive faxes on a Mac device, then FaxZero or PamFax are great choices. These apps offer fast and reliable service and plenty of customization options. Plus, they have friendly customer support teams that can help if you encounter any issues while using them.

On the other hand, HelloFax, iFax, eFax, RingCentral, and CocoFax provide more comprehensive solutions for businesses that need a more robust system. With their advanced features, such as cloud storage integration and automatic document archiving capabilities, these services make managing large volumes of documents much more accessible.

No matter what type of user you are – from home users who only occasionally need to send faxes to professionals who rely on their Mac devices daily – there is sure to be an ideal option among our list of 10 best free fax apps for Macs. So why not take advantage of the ease and convenience offered by modern technology?

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